Saturday, January 06, 2007

Indietastic #5: Damien Rice - The Rat Within The Grain

Okay, so before the connection got effed-up, I uploaded a few songs that caught my interest, but hadn't found the time to blog about them yet. Well, wise move, now in difficult times like these, when I'm unable to upload new songs and there isn't much of new music around, I can finally flick off the 'digital' dust, and introduce them to you.

Most people turn to Damien Rice when they need some downtempo, wispy, bedsitting sadcore music to listen in the middle of the night. However, that's not to say that Damien Rice doesn't sound good when singing slightly more upbeat songs. In fact, it works out quite nicely. I've got this 'Spike Mix' version of 'Cannonball' which is simply the album version with a faster tempo and it sounds amazingly better. Another case is this one song.
With a mininal production value, it's just him and his guitar here. I think it's one of the catchiest songs of his, and also has some well-written lyrics, especially those in the chorus. I think the reason why I like this song so much is the way he expressed his feeling for a messed-up relationship and how he 'only wanted to be wanted' by his 'her'.
What makes this song even more awesome is the rightful use of such 'explicit' words as 'fvck' and 'chicken sh1t', which is totally on point in its context.
This song was the b-side for '9 Crimes'. In my humble opinion, it way kicks the single's ass and is a lot better than some tracks on the album.

That is all I have to say. Go have a listen, if you'd like to.

Damien Rice - The Rat Within The Grain
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P.S. That ugly cover up there should be crime #10.

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