Friday, January 05, 2007

The Prototypes - Je Ne Te Connais Pas EP

The Prototypes. You may think you've never heard of them. You have. At least if you've watched that new iPod Shuffle commercial, which used their song 'Who's Gonna Sing' (watch it here). This French band makes upbeat, danceable '60s-inspired electro punk pop, and they sound kinda like a cross between Yeah Yeah Yeahs and CSS.
Recently, Minty Fresh, their US label, released a new EP consisting of 5 previously unreleased song, and they're generous enough to give away the whole EP online for free, legally. Of course, I couldn't pass up the deal, so I gave it a listen, and enjoyed it. Quite good, I say.
Although all the tracks are in French, language shouldn't be stopping you from enjoying the music.
Here I only post the title track and my favorite one, 'Décider'. (Normally, I would toss in 'Who's Gonna Sing', but not today 'cause I'm having uploading issues)
And if you dig what you hear, then you can download the whole EP in a zip below. Be fast, it's available for a limited time only!

The Prototypes - Décider
The Prototypes - Je Ne Te Connais Pas

Download Je Ne Te Connais Pas EP (5 tracks)
Visit their MySpace

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