Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Has Norah Jones become interesting?

That, above, is a capture from her new music video 'Sinkin' Soon', for which she has teamed up again with director Ace Norton (who also did 'Thinking About You'). It is her best music video to date.

You can take a look at a few more captures below, as this post is quite a capture frenzy one.

Lo-fi stop-motion animation: check. Playing dress-up: check. Over-the-top facial expressions: check. Dancing with a hollow suit: check. It's almost too indie for VH1.

Now when was the last time you saw a mainstream 'serious' multiple-Grammy-award-winning artist having so much fun making fun of herself like that?

This is a very refreshing image makeover. I don't care much about the song, but visually, I'm sold. We could see more of this playful side of her.

For now, you can watch it at her official site (Media->Videos) or download it in FLV format.

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