Sunday, February 04, 2007

Just give it to me give it to me...

It's official, this song has finally won me over. Like I didn't expect it to. It's only after listening to the instrumental version of 'Give It To Me' that I found out how hypnotic it still can be sans vocals. Those banging, in-your-face beats. That groovy sample on loop. Some fab, layered details that you wouldn't really notice in the vocal version. All those elements mashed up together, and we've got a unmistakably surefire hit even as a standalone instrumental. Advice: it sounds best when you crank it up on the stereo with the loudest volume as long as your eardrums don't explode. It's meant to be listened to that way.

Now I'm all excited for 'Shock Value'. And those collabs with Bjork, Fall Out Boy, The Hives...It's good to be powerful, isn't it?

Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake - Give It To Me (Instrumental)
Timbaland's MySpace

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