Monday, February 05, 2007

Oh, oh deary me...

Okay, so I've been avoiding posting this since every single blog out there has probably got it covered. Try as I might, eventually I gave in because you simply can't avoid Lily Allen.

It's adorable in all the wrong ways.
It's times like these you say thanks to YouTube, a music video like that will have a hard time in the editing room and you know when it's aired on TV, it won't be as twistedly fun.

'Alfie', along with 'Shame On You' will be her next double-A-side single. I can see why her label chose 'Alfie', but why the latter one? It's good, but it's no singles material, so what's the point of a double-A-side single when one can't really complement the other? Where the hell is 'Knock 'Em Out' or 'Everything's Just Wonderful'? Those two is far superior compared to 'Shame On You'. This time around, she'll be going for her lowest chart position. Too bad this could probably the final single off such a brilliant album.

Download 'Alfie' music video (Quicktime MOV format)

This one is also fresh off the boat...

Girls Aloud vs. Sugababes. Walk This Way. Aerosmith single. The best Comic Relief single so far. Nothing earthshaking, just a fun upbeat cover, that's it.

Such a pity the video's such a lousy, tacky, badly-edited, faux-gloss cheesefest. It could've been better.

Speaking of Comic Relief, this got me laughing out loud yesterday:


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