Thursday, February 22, 2007

What Keeps Me Tuning In...

The show's back and it's getting creepier than ever. For instance, the chill-inducing brainwash scene (if you play it backwards, you will hear a voice whispering these words:'Only fools are enslaved by space and time', view YouTube here). I wonder if the brainwashing music's actually an actual, commercially available track, well they might as well include it in a new volume of the soundtrack series anyway. And last week's episode when the scary-looking old lady told Desmond about how he do not have free will, and when Desmond revealed to Charlie that he's destined to die. I like how the show keeps switching from scientific and godlike perspectives and keeps us bewildered. I know some find it too much of a mindfucker to handle, some think it has jumped the shark but not me, I will keep tuning in. So many questions need answering. My only complaint is why the hell they cast that 'Married to the Kellys' girl and that 'Love Actually' guy? They're not involved in anything interesting so far, we can barely see them around. Oh, new episode already? Better go catch it! And get LOST in it! Sorry, can't help it.

I so want to give up on this show now. They keep introducing new characters, and there's too much going on now I can hardly keep track. The whole "Peter's gonna explode New York' thing is getting ridiculously annoying now, like the character himself. Will Hiro get it over with and get the freaking sword already? Plus they keep killing off my favorite characters. First, Eden. Oh, Eden. Rachel-Bilson-lookalike Eden. And now Simone. Great. Please, not Simone! I still remember how adorably she delivered this line: 'This world's insane. I'm not gonna keep fightin' it.' I kept rewinding to that part when I was watching it on my iPod.

Hands down the best new show! I can't get enough of this shit. It was the authenticity of her name that peeked my curiousity and so far the three aired episodes got me laughing my ass off. It's hilarious, in such an offensive, twisted, controversial, ironic fashion. We've all seen this kind of innocent, whimsical deliverance of 'adult' comic materials, but Sarah just makes it so watchable and enjoyable. And damn, she can sing! I know it's not for everyone. But I'll keep watching, for sure.

Is it just me, or the recent episodes were quite close to the old standards (except the Christmas one, one of the worst)? Yup, I'm still watching. I'm fanatically addicted to it that way. Anyway, have you watched the new trailer for 'The Simpsons Movie'? It looks phenomenal. This is going to be the best movie of 2007. No kidding. I just know.

Series finale today, huh? Does this mean I have to start watching Grey's Anatomy now, as a new source of indie music? Sigh, I'll post a farewell mix later on.

Okay, to keep things music relevant, here's a sweet little song, 'Eyes', from Rogue Wave. You might recall hearing it in the first two episodes of 'Heroes', and it's also the only song featured on the show so far apart from incidental music.

Rogue Wave - Eyes (as heard on Heroes)

Update: Oh hey, I found an mp3 of that freaky, The-Knife-ish brainwashing electrodance piece of music from LOST. Let's just call it Karl's Brainwashing Song. Now you can brainwash anyone you want, muhaha! [credits to]

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