Friday, March 30, 2007

Look! Lily Allen Doing Blondie!

Another new live cover from Miss Lily. Recently, she did a cover of Blondie's 'Heart Of Glass' at a Aladdin Theater gig in the US. She did it while holding a cigarette on her hand. And she also drank champagne throughout the set. How classy. You can watch a vid of the performance, most likely to be filmed from a cameraphone, below. Love it or hate it, I leave the judgement to you.

Big thanks to a kind blogger who had recorded the show and uploaded it for all of us to see. More live performances, including the live renditions of Keane/The Kooks/Kaiser Chiefs' covers, available at Let's Sexy Fighting.

UPDATE: You can now download an mp3 of the live version she did in Austin at Heart on a Stick. Run.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

One To Watch: Forever Thursday

"Forever Thursday is the name given to a one-off collaboration between Australian song writer/producer, Elliott Wheeler & vocalist Melanie Horsnell."

Sounds like they've got a "Frou Frou" thing going on here. Apparently, their song 'How Can It Be' was licensed to use in a JC Penney commercial which aired during the Oscars, which of course resulted in some amount of exposure. I haven't heard of them til a few hours ago, though.
This song can be easily categorized as 'dream pop', which is quite an accurate way to describe their music. Hushed, subtle vocals. Dreamy, lush melodies with an optimistic vibe. It's just one of those songs that would sound great for starting the day or for listening in rainy afternoons, and it tends to grow on you. So far, this is the only song available for listen but I hope they're working hard in the studio, not just sitting and waiting for the royalties. 'Cause I love to hear more from them. I find it hard to believe that they're still unsigned, despite the exposure they already had. Yes, somebody should sign them, quick.

Forever Thursday - How Can It Be

Here's the recently-released music video, which is quite cute and whimsical.

Forever Thursday's MySpace

Now, the reason I make a post about this song this instant is because of the strange coincidence occured. The duo's name is Forever Thursday. Today is a Thursday. And it might be the last Thursday for things to be stay the way it was. Tomorrow is about to dawn on me, bringing in a new chapter. Decisions will need to be made, changes will need to be brought about but I'm just not ready yet. All the pressure, and I'm not the one who runs the machine. I just wish this Thursday can last forever, so I don't have to face the day, sigh...

Stuck On Repeat: Pleasure - Out Of Love

This song has been on high rotation on my iPod for a while now. (thanks to Mr. XOLondon for the heads up!).

Pleasure is the one-man-project of Fred Ball, hailed in Norway. His sophomore album 'Pleasure 2' has been released in Scandinavia in early 2007 and the lead single 'Out Of Love' has been making quite a stir in the blogosphere.
The song itself is a tasty slice of bubbly electro synth-pop, with a very infectious chorus to hook. I love the contrast between the upbeat synths and the undertone of sadness in the lyrics/vocals (by Heidrun Bjornsdottir). It's definitely one of the great pop songs I've heard this year so far. I've listened to some other tracks on the album, including the ex-Suede Brett Anderson collaboration 'Back To You'. But so far, this is the track that keeps me coming back for more and it's just so damn catchy it's hard to leave it out of my head. If my words aren't enough, I should mention that it's Pop-Justice-approved, if that means anything to you. Pop lovers should not miss this gem.

Pleasure - Out Of Love

You can watch the music video below.

Check out Pleasure's MySpace for more songs

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Comeback: Travis

Long before Coldplay and Keane, there was Travis. Fran Healy and his Scottish bandmates were known for their melodic, heartfelt soft rock sounds. Back when they were at their prime, I wasn't a huge fan, though I do like them. It was enough for me to listen to their singles only, and of course, after the first time I ever heard 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me', I knew this I can relate to. After a singles compilation in 2004, Travis went on hiatus, and I thought I wouldn't hear from them for a long while.
Just when least expected, Chris Martin went on Chris Moyles' BBC radio show to announce their comeback and premiere a brand new track off the new Nigel-Godrich-produced album. Then, the single 'Closer' quickly surfaced on the internet as the album title was revealed to be 'The Boy With No Name', which is a reference to Fran's own son. When Keane is busy making lame-ass videos and releasing singles that no one buys, when Coldplay is busy in the studio with Brian Eno working on their fourth album, it is the perfect time for Travis to return.
Knowing Travis, I didn't expect a change in their sounds. Knowing their fan base, Travis keeps it like the way it is. As a lead single, 'Closer' captures the signature Travis sound that makes them so likeable/annoying to some. It's a lovely, intimate song with sweet melodies to boot. One does not gain any street cred listening to this, in fact one might have to enjoy it in private if they're so inclined about being cool. But Travis's never about being cool. When the UK is oversaturated with scruffy, afro-haired indie dudes, this seems a refreshing gem and keeps me eagerly-waiting for the album. Not that I expect it to be a 12 tracks worth of career-defining moments, just 5 great single-material songs is fine with me.
Plus, the cd cover is their best-looking yet since that of 'The Invisible Band'.

Have a listen to their new single, among other new tracks below. Note that they're all myspace/radio rips though of very good quality, so if you like it, be sure to buy the album when it drops this May.

Travis - Closer
Travis - Big Chair (BBC Radio Rip)
Travis - My Eyes
Travis - 3 Times And You Lose

Travis's Myspace

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lily Allen + The Rakes + David Bowie + The Sims

Being a huge fan of Miss Lily, I like to keep track of everything she's done (though not in an obsessive, mental way), in case I miss her latest diss or a new live cover. I thought I was doing a great job, until I found out by chance that she did a cover of David Bowie's 'Let's Dance' back in October last year for a show called Taratata, on French channel 4. It's more of a duet since she did it live with The Rakes. Now, when the cover's nothing jawdropping or earth-shattering, I do find it quite enjoyable. She wore a pretty green dress, and her falsetto sounded good live. Have a watch at YouTube below, or download the mp3 I ripped from a high quality vid of the performance.

MP3: Lily Allen and The Rakes - Let's Dance (David Bowie Cover)- Live on Taratata

In keeping with things Lily, she recently recorded a Simlish version for the expansion pack Seasons of The Sims 2 (man, they keep milking this whole franchise to death). Which means, you can now listen to 'Smile' in a completely made-up, jiberrish, non-sensical language. Might be pointless, but fun to listen to. I thought that at one point in the song I might have heard her singing 'Yabba yabba doo'!

Here's the Sims music video to go along, with a strange-looking 3D version of herself. The video's pretty funny at least, made me chuckle a bit. You've probably seen it for a few times now, though.

MP3: Lily Allen - Smile (Simlish version)

Apparently, there's a contest where you can record your own Simlish version, and send to them in order to be judged by Lily and win some 'great' prizes. But I don't care, whatsoever.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sights & Sounds: New Music Vids From The Pipettes, Travis, Mika and more

The Pipettes - ABC

Apparently, this video was out about 2 weeks ago but I was just aware of its existence a few days ago. How embarassing. This time, The Pipettes go animated! Judging from the looks, I guess it was Flash-made, and the style is kinda Hanna-Barbera-ish. Somehow, their animated versions keep reminding me of, um, The Powerpuff Girls. Weird.
Anyway, the girls just signed a deal with major label Interscope in US via their division Cherrytree Records (which is also home of The Feeling and Feist). Their album will get a stateside release in summer followed by a tour. So congrats! Let's hope their label figured out the marketing strategies right and spend some proper cash on promoting. If you're still not familiar with them, check out a tune right now! A, B, C, D, 1, 2, 3, X, Y, Z...

MP3: The Pipettes - ABC

Mika - Love Today

Video for his second single. He's still very flamboyant. Somehow this vid shares a lot of similarities with the following Arctic Monkeys one.

Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm

Yes, they're back. First, I'm never a fan. They're good at doing what they do, but their melodies/lyrics/riffs just don't stay. But this song, it was produced by James Ford, producer of Simian Mobile Disco and Klaxons. And on first listen, it doesn't sound that bad. Probably their danciest song to date. And their flashiest video too. The funny thing is, it's the monkeys that look out of place in this vid.

MP3:Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm

Ben Kweller - Penny On the Train Track

The after effects of OK Go's success. Now Ben's going for the homemade, viral video look, with help from his 82-year-old granny, hip-swivelling in a gym. This is the kind of thing that makes you either feel creepily entertained or makes you wanna gouge your eyes out. Somehow I can't help but think that this is Shakira and Beyoncé at their 80s getting together and remember the olden days!
I heard this song last year and totally overlooked it. How wrong was I! Now it's stuck in my head all day. Great feel-good song. Must-hear! If The OC was still on, this would secure a spot on an episode, sigh...

MP3:Ben Kweller - Penny On the Train Track

Travis - Closer

Setting: in a supermarket in LA. A little cheesy, but fun and cute nonetheless. Fran's getting chubby. And there's a cameo from Ben Stiller. Lovely song, by the way. I'll find the Quicktime mov link and put it up tomorrow for download.You can download the vid now in good quality.

MOV:Travis - Closer music video

Manic Street Preachers feat. Nina Persson - Your Love Alone Is Not Enough

Simple performance piece. James has shaved his beard. And Nina still looks stunning after all these years, she doesn't seem to age at all. And the song's already one of the best of 2007 period.

Dolores O'Riordan - Ordinary Day

Dolores looks in shape for her age. The vid's nothing exciting to write about, I don't get the concept. But the park scene at the end's quite cool, anyway. I plan to listen to her solo debut this weekend, so more on that later.


These I forgot about yesterday...

Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

Gloomy, and shot in black and white, but overall a little bit dull. The video treatment didn't work as it would sound on paper, so it's another case of could-have-been-better. Ace song, though. Love love her. She's been getting buzz in the blogosphere like crazy.

Mark Ronson - Stop Me

The story of a man and a crazy pair of white sneakers (not sure if they belong to lily Allen, though). A novelty idea for his version of The Smiths' song. Interesting enough, but I've got a feeling I've seen it all before. Deja vu, indeed.

Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow

New version shot for the re-release of the single. A different approach. Art direction's quite neat.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Awesomely Covered

So I took a week break from blogging. Not that I had the luck to attend SXSW at Austin like some American music bloggers. I had to cram up for midterm tests, as I took a bunch of them last week for 5 days in a row. It was intense, but I'm glad I made it through. From now til summer, I won't be having as much free time so expect more megaposts, less profound commentary like this.
Anyway, here's a load of covers that I've enjoyed lately.

Shugo Tokumaru - Young Folks (Peter Bjorn and John Cover)
This is awesome. It's like an odder, more devious twin of the original. I love the percussion and the ghostly vocals. If you love the original, you'll love this one for sure. Done for the Coke Machine Podcast.

Ray Lamontagne and Damien Rice - To Love Somebody (Bee Gees Cover)
2 troubadours, Damien and Ray, doing a Bee Gees cover together, live on a French TV channel. If you ever have such a fantasy, it's fulfilled.

Cansei De Ser Sexy - One Way Or Another (Blondie Cover)
A perfect match. A fun electro-punk take on the stalker anthem.

The Killers - Romeo And Juliet (Dire Straits Cover)
Sounds more like The Killers doing 'Hot Fuss' than The Killers doing 'Sam's Town', which can only be a good thing.

Ben Lee - Float On (Modest Mouse Cover)
A good rework on the Modest Mouse's mainstream breakthrough hit. Here, the jangly guitars were replaced with a piano.

El Perro Del Mar - I Found A Reason (The Velvet Underground Cover)
She did a kitschy '60s-armchair-pop take on the song. It was good, but I still don't get her, though, she needs more significant materials that stick.

Final Fantasy - Fantasy (Mariah Carey Cover)
Ooh interesting, beat-oriented, violin live take. Part of the reason he chose to cover it because it's related to his stage name, you see.

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly - Standing In The Way Of Control (The Gossip cover)
I don't understand why people make such a fuss about The Gossip, but this Live Lounge cover is quite horntastic! There is a sax!

The Boy Least Likely To - Faith (George Michael cover)
The Boy Least Likely To brings their childish, twinkly, kid-friendly sounds to the George Michael's classic hit. They did it good.

Bright Eyes - Mushaboom (Feist Cover)
Finally, something that could have been good. But his gloomy voice doesn't suit the song at all. Still, good choice.

If you have noticed, I just add a new nifty widget below every post. From now on, you can rate the post on a scale of 5 based on the music. All it takes is one click, so feel free to do it and let me know whether you like what I offer or not!

Coming up:
some new videos, a new (kinda) cover from Lily Allen, my thoughts on the Travis comeback, and some dream pop music for the week...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Bamboo Lounge: Sleepless Sundays

Sunday midnight, and I'm still awake. The weekend's over. Another manic Monday is to come. This whole mess inside my head. And the moon is high outside. It's all so quiet. Just me facing the four walls.
This little mix might help me get through the night...

Starts off with a beautiful track from Psapp's 2006 album 'The Only Thing I Ever Wanted' (they did the theme song for Grey's Anatomy, fact), then things go psychedelic with a mystic-sounding track from Australian DIY act Gotye (pronounced 'gore-ti-yeah). Charlotte Gainsbourg's song takes you to the cloud nine, and then you get back to Earth with two utterly beautiful, stripped-down live performances from songstress Imogen Heap & Sia, slowly lulling you to sleep.

Psapp - Tricycle (from The Only Thing I Ever Wanted)
Gotye - Hearts A Mess (from Like Drawing Blood)
Charlotte Gainsbourg - AF607105 (from 5:55)
Imogen Heap - Let Go (Solo Piano) (studio version from Details)
Sia - Breathe (Live At KCRW Sessions) (studio version from Colour The Small One)

Awesomely Remixed

Another round of great new remixes I listened to lately. This wouldn't have been possible if not for the great music blogs I frequently visited, so props to them.

Amy Winehouse - Rehab (Eagle Desert Remix)
This new remix is hot! I imagine I would sound great blasting out of a car stereo. And Universal gives it away for free. So all's good.

Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches (Trentemoller Remix)
At last, a dance remix to such a fun song! It's nothing to special, but you see trendy remixer Trentemoller's name on it, so if you like his work, don't miss this one.

The Killers - Read My Mind (Pet Shop Boys Stars Are Blazing Mix)
Wow, good job. It runs for 7 minutes but feels like a 3 minutes. Maybe Pet Shop Boys should produce The Killers' next album, no?

Beyoncé - Imprescindible (Rudy Perez Nortena Remix)
Okay, another remix for 'Irreplaceable', but this time around it's the most interesting so far, with a Caribbean, ska-lite flavor, and the vocals are the Spanish version. Save it for the summer. It's supposed to be included in the 'Deluxe Version' of B'day.

Stefski - Say It Again (courtesy of Pitchfork)
A pretty odd, electro synth-heavy remix of Nelly Furtado's megahit 'Say It Right' by Swedish DJ Stefski. It's got renamed to 'Say It Again'.

Fall Out Boy - This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race (Kanye West Remix)
I didn't expect this to turn out great. But it did. Kanye lent the boys a pumping beat and a coll rapping verse, beginning with 'I don't know what the hell this song's about'. Well, me too, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it. So nowadays even Kanye & Jay Z consider emo cool. Such a time we're living in.

And now, the more left-field ones for the indie hipsters:

The Postmarks - Goodbye (James Iha Remix)
Their self-titled debut is an early contender for my 2007 favorites. The Postmarks makes delightful female-vocal dreampop, and this remix for the single added a nice upbeat electronic touch to an already beautiful song. I'll get back to them at another time.

My Brightest Diamond - Golden Star (Alias Remix)
My Brightest Diamond's music seems a little distant to me, but maybe what I need is a good remix like this one. Trip-hoppy with blips and bleeps. From her new remix album 'Tear It Down'.

Junior Boys - In The Morning (Hot Chip Remix)

From their new EP Dead Horse. It's more like a cover actually with added vocals from Hot Chip. If you're fan of Hot Chip and/or Junior Boys, this is a must-hear, but if you don't know much about them, think it through before clicking the mouse. It's almost 10 minutes.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Covers: Pink Nasty - Burn (Usher Cover)

Though I've heard of her before, I had no idea that such a cover existed (if I had, you know I'd have posted about it).
To begin with, it's actually a good cover!
'Burn' was Usher's number-one follow-up single to 'Yeah' from 'Confessions', and the original was a breakup smooth r&b ballad.
But here, she did an interesting take on the song, from a female perspective. It has a country-twang feel to it! The instrumentation is quite lush, and her vocals sounded both vulnerable & honest.
I think it was properly recorded in a studio, so the quality is a lot better compared to those live covers mostly recorded by fans' cellphones at shows.
The unpolished feel of it somehow made it more enjoyable.
Overall, nicely done. Worth giving a listen. You can check out her MySpace for streams of her own music.

Pink Nasty - Burn (Usher Cover)

Pink Nasty's MySpace

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I see them springing up like daisies...

Natasha Bedingfield was one of the pleasant surprises of the new British Invasion in the US last year. Not only is 'These Words' a top 10 hit, but 'Unwritten' also went on to have major success with a 3x platinum certification for digital downloads alone. Already having conquered America, now the math she has to solve is how to keep getting along with the US markets while not abandoning her British/European fan base. As you can see in the single cover above, she looks like she is brainstorming like crazy.
The lead single from her self-titled sophomore album, 'I Wanna Have Your Babies', might be an indication that she's heading the right way.
What's great about Natasha is her ability to make catchy pop songs that have characters and attitude. This one wouldn't stand out of place in her debut, an energetic, radio-friendly, bouncy one that can stay on loop in your brains. It's already on heavy rotation on my iPod already. Don't you just love how she goes 'Mmm mmm' in the chorus like she's having her mouth covered and then burst out a soon-to-be-catchphrase 'I wanna have your babies!' . How adorable.
It should be interesting to see how the US fan base would response to this comeback track, as I assume the majority of them is teenage girls awed & inspired by "the empowerment anthem" 'Unwritten'.
Here's hoping she won't face a sophomore slump. Her bro Daniel needs her support, you know.

Natasha Bedingfield - I Wanna Have Your Babies (Radio Edit)

Her Myspace

It's a pity the video didn't quite do the trick, though.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Covers: When Rockers Tried To Be Funny And Failed Miserably

The idea of an 'ironic' cover is though it's not to be taken seriously, the band has fun covering it and somehow makes it sounds fun and enjoyable, too. These rocker dudes simply just don't get it.

To be fair, their first two singles were at least listenable back when they were not overplayed to death, though I have no intention of checking out the whole album. But this Live Lounge cover, it's dreadful. Somehow, the lead singer succeeded in making it sound miserable. He seemed to try so hard to be funny I almost felt sorry for him. It's just totally unnecessary. For curiousity, you may take a listen but don't say I didn't warn you.

Switchfoot - Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover)
Whereas The Magic Numbers and Snow Patrol did a wonderful job on covering this, Switchfoot successfully ruined it. Totally boring & pointless. They didn't even try to make it sound interesting or anything. If you can make it to the end of the song, then bravo. And they did it for Yahoo! Music.
The real question here is: was there a Christian message among the lyrics of 'Crazy In Love'? There must be, otherwise they would not choose it, right?

Manic Street Preachers feat. Nina Persson - Your Love Alone Is Not Enough

Now, Manic Street Preachers is one of those bands that I heard a lot about, but due to having their prime in a time when I wasn't so exposed to music yet, I never actually listened much to their songs. James Dean Bradfield, the frontman, had a solo album out last year, but I didn't pay any attention either.
But when I found out their new album's gonna have a collaboration with Nina Persson of The Cardigans, I just have to get it! And how brilliant it is!
I was hooked on the first listen. It's catchy right from the get-go. A straightforward, punchy, upbeat rock song. Nina Persson is the perfect choice, and she fit it so well it certainly feels like it can be a Cardigans song. Yep, the more I listen to it, the better it gets. Now if the rest is as good, they might gain a new fan.

Their comeback album is called 'Send Away The Tigers' and supposed to be out in May.

For now, the only version available is a BBC radio rip, but it's good enough quality.

Manic Street Preachers feat. Nina Persson - Your Love Alone Is Not Enough

Their MySpace

The Comeback: Air

Air's long-awaited follow-up album to 2004 'Talkie Walkie', entitled 'Pocket Symphony', will finally be officially released on March 6, with collaborations with Neil Hannon & Jarvis Cocker. And the lead single is 'Once Upon A Time'.
The video for the song is a simple, dreamy performance piece with the Parisian duo performing multiple instruments in a pitch black room with blurry lights behind them, accompanied by a Japanese woman in a kimono. You can watch it here.

Now, having listened to the album a couple of times, I still have yet made up my mind about it. While it's all beautifully composed and executed, and it's everything you can expect from them. The use of the Japanese traditional instruments like the koto and the shamisen was seamless and deft. But somehow there seems to be something missing. I guess the problem for me is as a whole, it feels too much like background music. Like waves washing over the shore. After the last track ended, it just didn't stay. Most of the tracks were too airy it just didn't stick, like the little whistling tune in 'Alpha Beta Gaga', the dreamy vocals in 'Surfing On A Rocket', or the magnificent 'Alone In Kyoto' from the previous album.
Now I hope maybe after a few more listens, I will work it out and find what's missing. But that Air-produced Charlotte Gainsbourg album? I wish 'Pocket Symphony' could have sounded more like that.

'Once Upon A Time' is the closest thing to a single the album can offer. So far, in my opinion, it's the best track and if you like it, then you should probably check out the album.

Download Air - Once Upon A Time

Buy Pocket Symphony
Air's MySpace

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Swedish Indie Pop!: Pelle Carlberg - I Love You You Imbecile

The man in the pic above is Pelle Carlberg, ex-lead singer of Swedish band Edson. He has had some solo albums, and the latest one, called 'In A Nutshell', will be released in March 28 in Sweden by fine label Labrador. The lead single, 'I Love You You Imbecile' is a duet with Norwegian singer Ida Maria.

I instantly love this song the first time I heard it, even though at the time I got this in the inbox, I had never heard of him before. The song's just so sunny and cuddly it made me want to go all doe-eyed and tap my feet a little bit. It's a straight-up, upbeat, catchy indie pop song which makes use of this kind of boy/girl conversation thing, exchanging infatuating exclamations about each other that 'makes me look over the stupid things you do' in such an adorable way. It certainly makes me feel good, sorta makes me want to take off my shoes and step on the grass in a park, basking myself in the sun.

If you like Swedish indie pop, it's likely you'll fall for this one. Check it out.
I'm eager to check on his previous albums, and of course, reserves a place for the new cd.

Pelle Carlberg - I Love You You Imbecile

His official site
His MySpace

I will blog more about Labrador's other artists when I have a chance to.

Sights & Sounds: Beyoncé's Double Treats

Beyoncé's desperate. 'B'Day' didn't quite make an impact on critics and fans alike like expected, and although it's already certified 2x platinum, it's only halfway as much as 'Dangerously In Love'. Her supposed movie breakthrough ended up nowhere as Jennifer Hudson got all the spotlight/awards. Obviously, the sole purpose of a rerelease is because there's no more hitworthy materials, so new songs and bonus stuff need to be added to attract the record-buying public.
And for the rerelease of 'B'Day', Beyoncé works real hard. She has shot videos for every single track on the album. She even came to label mate Shakira for help in form of a Stargate-produced collaboration, and the music video made its way on music channels this week.

Beautiful Liar (dir: Jake Nava)

I was so excited when I knew Jake Nava was gonna work with her again. He's a brilliant pop music video director, without him, there's no 'Crazy In Love', 'Baby Boy' and 'Naughty Girl'. As I expected, the video's full of glossy, stylized eye candy. However, it could have been much better. Jake has never been much of a studio person, he's at his best when shooting on location. I assumed that because she was shooting a plethora of music videos, the label cut down on the budget, so the set designs looked poor and unimaginative. Imagine if they were really walking in a bamboo forest, or belly dancing in a real ancient cave. Anyway, the wildflowers-on-steel-pole scenes were cool and the sexy, sizzling Arabic dance routine at the end (which is also like a game of who's who!) is sexy as hell. Musically, at first the song didn't sound so impressive to me but now I think it's slowly making its way into my head. Did I mention they both look flawlessly gorgeous?

Download the video for Beautiful Liar in AVI format.

Upgrade U (Feat. Jay Z) (dir: Melina/Beyoncé)

Premiered the same day as 'Beautiful Liar'. This is a cliché-ridden one, with blinding blings, product placements, and flashy shots. Though the song's not remarkable to me (though being a Swiss Beatz production), the video should do well on MTV & BET, I guess. There's an interesting scene of her cross-dressing, trying to act all gangsta, mouthing Jay Z's verses (you know, for female empowerment, all that jazz). PETA will, however, call her and accuse her of abusing that baby reptile .

Download the video for Upgrade U in AVI format.

Apparently, the public (including me) is really getting too much of her. The hype is going to be saturated at some point, has she seen to that?. For now, she's just everywhere.

In other news:

My filehost, Snapdrive, now has a 1GB bandwidth limit every day, so if you can't download a file from it, it's probably because the limit is exceeded. In that case, you can come back and try again the next day.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Nice numbuh
I took a screenshot of this a few days ago.

Ain't it sweet.

I never thought I'd see this day when I first started out blogging.

Huge thanks to visitors, especially those who keep coming back!

More posts coming this weekend, I promise.