Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Bamboo Lounge: Sleepless Sundays

Sunday midnight, and I'm still awake. The weekend's over. Another manic Monday is to come. This whole mess inside my head. And the moon is high outside. It's all so quiet. Just me facing the four walls.
This little mix might help me get through the night...

Starts off with a beautiful track from Psapp's 2006 album 'The Only Thing I Ever Wanted' (they did the theme song for Grey's Anatomy, fact), then things go psychedelic with a mystic-sounding track from Australian DIY act Gotye (pronounced 'gore-ti-yeah). Charlotte Gainsbourg's song takes you to the cloud nine, and then you get back to Earth with two utterly beautiful, stripped-down live performances from songstress Imogen Heap & Sia, slowly lulling you to sleep.

Psapp - Tricycle (from The Only Thing I Ever Wanted)
Gotye - Hearts A Mess (from Like Drawing Blood)
Charlotte Gainsbourg - AF607105 (from 5:55)
Imogen Heap - Let Go (Solo Piano) (studio version from Details)
Sia - Breathe (Live At KCRW Sessions) (studio version from Colour The Small One)

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