Saturday, March 10, 2007

Covers: Pink Nasty - Burn (Usher Cover)

Though I've heard of her before, I had no idea that such a cover existed (if I had, you know I'd have posted about it).
To begin with, it's actually a good cover!
'Burn' was Usher's number-one follow-up single to 'Yeah' from 'Confessions', and the original was a breakup smooth r&b ballad.
But here, she did an interesting take on the song, from a female perspective. It has a country-twang feel to it! The instrumentation is quite lush, and her vocals sounded both vulnerable & honest.
I think it was properly recorded in a studio, so the quality is a lot better compared to those live covers mostly recorded by fans' cellphones at shows.
The unpolished feel of it somehow made it more enjoyable.
Overall, nicely done. Worth giving a listen. You can check out her MySpace for streams of her own music.

Pink Nasty - Burn (Usher Cover)

Pink Nasty's MySpace

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