Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lily Allen + The Rakes + David Bowie + The Sims

Being a huge fan of Miss Lily, I like to keep track of everything she's done (though not in an obsessive, mental way), in case I miss her latest diss or a new live cover. I thought I was doing a great job, until I found out by chance that she did a cover of David Bowie's 'Let's Dance' back in October last year for a show called Taratata, on French channel 4. It's more of a duet since she did it live with The Rakes. Now, when the cover's nothing jawdropping or earth-shattering, I do find it quite enjoyable. She wore a pretty green dress, and her falsetto sounded good live. Have a watch at YouTube below, or download the mp3 I ripped from a high quality vid of the performance.

MP3: Lily Allen and The Rakes - Let's Dance (David Bowie Cover)- Live on Taratata

In keeping with things Lily, she recently recorded a Simlish version for the expansion pack Seasons of The Sims 2 (man, they keep milking this whole franchise to death). Which means, you can now listen to 'Smile' in a completely made-up, jiberrish, non-sensical language. Might be pointless, but fun to listen to. I thought that at one point in the song I might have heard her singing 'Yabba yabba doo'!

Here's the Sims music video to go along, with a strange-looking 3D version of herself. The video's pretty funny at least, made me chuckle a bit. You've probably seen it for a few times now, though.

MP3: Lily Allen - Smile (Simlish version)

Apparently, there's a contest where you can record your own Simlish version, and send to them in order to be judged by Lily and win some 'great' prizes. But I don't care, whatsoever.

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