Thursday, March 29, 2007

One To Watch: Forever Thursday

"Forever Thursday is the name given to a one-off collaboration between Australian song writer/producer, Elliott Wheeler & vocalist Melanie Horsnell."

Sounds like they've got a "Frou Frou" thing going on here. Apparently, their song 'How Can It Be' was licensed to use in a JC Penney commercial which aired during the Oscars, which of course resulted in some amount of exposure. I haven't heard of them til a few hours ago, though.
This song can be easily categorized as 'dream pop', which is quite an accurate way to describe their music. Hushed, subtle vocals. Dreamy, lush melodies with an optimistic vibe. It's just one of those songs that would sound great for starting the day or for listening in rainy afternoons, and it tends to grow on you. So far, this is the only song available for listen but I hope they're working hard in the studio, not just sitting and waiting for the royalties. 'Cause I love to hear more from them. I find it hard to believe that they're still unsigned, despite the exposure they already had. Yes, somebody should sign them, quick.

Forever Thursday - How Can It Be

Here's the recently-released music video, which is quite cute and whimsical.

Forever Thursday's MySpace

Now, the reason I make a post about this song this instant is because of the strange coincidence occured. The duo's name is Forever Thursday. Today is a Thursday. And it might be the last Thursday for things to be stay the way it was. Tomorrow is about to dawn on me, bringing in a new chapter. Decisions will need to be made, changes will need to be brought about but I'm just not ready yet. All the pressure, and I'm not the one who runs the machine. I just wish this Thursday can last forever, so I don't have to face the day, sigh...

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