Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sights & Sounds: Beyoncé's Double Treats

Beyoncé's desperate. 'B'Day' didn't quite make an impact on critics and fans alike like expected, and although it's already certified 2x platinum, it's only halfway as much as 'Dangerously In Love'. Her supposed movie breakthrough ended up nowhere as Jennifer Hudson got all the spotlight/awards. Obviously, the sole purpose of a rerelease is because there's no more hitworthy materials, so new songs and bonus stuff need to be added to attract the record-buying public.
And for the rerelease of 'B'Day', Beyoncé works real hard. She has shot videos for every single track on the album. She even came to label mate Shakira for help in form of a Stargate-produced collaboration, and the music video made its way on music channels this week.

Beautiful Liar (dir: Jake Nava)

I was so excited when I knew Jake Nava was gonna work with her again. He's a brilliant pop music video director, without him, there's no 'Crazy In Love', 'Baby Boy' and 'Naughty Girl'. As I expected, the video's full of glossy, stylized eye candy. However, it could have been much better. Jake has never been much of a studio person, he's at his best when shooting on location. I assumed that because she was shooting a plethora of music videos, the label cut down on the budget, so the set designs looked poor and unimaginative. Imagine if they were really walking in a bamboo forest, or belly dancing in a real ancient cave. Anyway, the wildflowers-on-steel-pole scenes were cool and the sexy, sizzling Arabic dance routine at the end (which is also like a game of who's who!) is sexy as hell. Musically, at first the song didn't sound so impressive to me but now I think it's slowly making its way into my head. Did I mention they both look flawlessly gorgeous?

Download the video for Beautiful Liar in AVI format.

Upgrade U (Feat. Jay Z) (dir: Melina/Beyoncé)

Premiered the same day as 'Beautiful Liar'. This is a cliché-ridden one, with blinding blings, product placements, and flashy shots. Though the song's not remarkable to me (though being a Swiss Beatz production), the video should do well on MTV & BET, I guess. There's an interesting scene of her cross-dressing, trying to act all gangsta, mouthing Jay Z's verses (you know, for female empowerment, all that jazz). PETA will, however, call her and accuse her of abusing that baby reptile .

Download the video for Upgrade U in AVI format.

Apparently, the public (including me) is really getting too much of her. The hype is going to be saturated at some point, has she seen to that?. For now, she's just everywhere.

In other news:

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