Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stuck On Repeat: Pleasure - Out Of Love

This song has been on high rotation on my iPod for a while now. (thanks to Mr. XOLondon for the heads up!).

Pleasure is the one-man-project of Fred Ball, hailed in Norway. His sophomore album 'Pleasure 2' has been released in Scandinavia in early 2007 and the lead single 'Out Of Love' has been making quite a stir in the blogosphere.
The song itself is a tasty slice of bubbly electro synth-pop, with a very infectious chorus to hook. I love the contrast between the upbeat synths and the undertone of sadness in the lyrics/vocals (by Heidrun Bjornsdottir). It's definitely one of the great pop songs I've heard this year so far. I've listened to some other tracks on the album, including the ex-Suede Brett Anderson collaboration 'Back To You'. But so far, this is the track that keeps me coming back for more and it's just so damn catchy it's hard to leave it out of my head. If my words aren't enough, I should mention that it's Pop-Justice-approved, if that means anything to you. Pop lovers should not miss this gem.

Pleasure - Out Of Love

You can watch the music video below.

Check out Pleasure's MySpace for more songs

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