Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Bamboo Lounge - Covers

Another downtempo playlist. But this time, I mix it up a little bit. The following 5 tracks have one thing in common: they're all covers. And they sound great for a Sunday night chillout at home.

Jose Gonzalez - Hand On Your Heart (Kylie Minogue Cover) (from Stay In The Shade EP)
Undoubtedly the prettiest Kylie cover I ever heard. It takes the song to a whole new emotional level. The perfect setting for the song would be when you're rowing a small boat through a swamp on a sunny day.
Iron And Wine - Such Great Heights (The Postal Service Cover) (from Garden State Soundtrack)
This is just too beautiful. I can see myself on a shore with this song in my earbuds, watching sunset and flocks of seagulls flying by.
Nouvelle Vague - Dance With Me (Lords of The New Church Cover) (from Bande a Part)
One of their best tracks. So bossanova it wouldn't sound of place in a little quite coffeehouse in Paris.
Eliane Elias - Tropicalia (Beck Cover) (from Around The City)
A laidback, jazzy, loungey version with relaxing female vocals. Really nice.
Worm Is Green - Love Will Tear Us Apart (from Automagic)
Interesting take on the Joy Division's classic, by Icelandic electronic outfit Worm Is Green.

Anyway, I'm having thoughts about opening a spin-off blog dedicated to this genre only (electronic/chill-out/downtempo/instrumental), due to my rising specific interest in it. Should I take a chance with it? These posts don't seem to really fit well with the tone of the blog...
And I'm aware that today's Aprils Fool Day. But I'm just too tired to try to think of any pranks and frankly, I've just got too much to be worrying about...

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