Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Bamboo Lounge - Night Drive

Yesterday, my finals were finally over, and I was in a good mood, so I planned to do a dance mix for the next post. Then, an unexpected event got in the way and brought me down with it, so I decided to hold that one up and compile a new Bamboo Lounge mix instead.
As you can see in the title, the theme this time is Night Drive. It's a relatively short mix, clocking in less than 20 minutes. And though each of the 5 tracks are quite different compared to one another, I suggest you play them the next time you have a night drive, for they all share this particular mood that's just perfect for the occasion.
And you know, the feelings you can sometimes get when night driving. You alone on the road, with the stars sparkling from the quiet somber sky, the winds blowing, and music being the only friend to keep you awake, make you feel alive. And you wish that the road would keep expanding to the horizon, destination unclear, that you would never have to get off the car...

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