Monday, April 30, 2007

My Brightest Diamond

Music sometimes need one mood, one moment when all the missing pieces are put together to dawn its light on you. My Brightest Diamond, for me, fell in that case.
I had always felt her music to be a little distant, but I kept her songs in hope that one day I will finally understand them in all of their glory. Then one day, I woke up with a song of her playing in my iPod at random. In that moment, so suddenly, all the lyrics, the arrangements, and the vocals just harmonized and sent chills up and down my spines. Being a classically, operatically trained singer, and a member of the church choir at a young age, her voice (which bears some resemblence to that of Kate Bush) is capable of capturing such drama and emotions. Her music can be quite epic and powerful it's a little too much to handle all at a time, but maybe all you need is the right moment for it to speak to you. A talented young lady she is.
Here I introduce two of my favorite songs, one about a phone call that turns her world upside down and one about a dragonfly stuck in a spider's web. Hope you'll enjoy them both.

My Brightest Diamond - Something Of An End
My Brightest Diamond - Dragonfly

From Bring Me The Workhorse (2006)

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