Saturday, April 28, 2007

Random Things...

-The results of my sidebar poll. Now that didn't come off as a surprise. Half of my readership is in the 19-25 demographic, okay, but I like the fact that there's a fair share between the other age groups as well. Thanks to those who have taken your time to vote. New one added to the right.

-I think it's hard to find people with music taste as broad as mine, which makes quite impossible to schedule posts sometimes. Like, I can't put an ambient post next to a dance-punk one, or Bloc Party next to Avril Lavigne. Also, too many ebstablished names on the front page, and lesser-known, but worthy ones may get overlooked. A first-time visitor might add the blog to their feeds based on a recent post they dig, but if the next few ones aren't up their alley, chances are they could give up. See, blogging IS hard, guys.

-The new Travis album. Judging on first listen, it's good. Can generate about 4 great singles. Which is enough for me.

-I finally listened to Mark Ronson's 'Version' in its entirety yesterday and here's my verdict: It's very good. Go grab it when it's out.

-Volta. Leave it there for a better time. Tori Amos. I won't bother unless I see some positive reviews. LCD Soundsystem. Can't believe I still don't get to that one yet. And Arctic Monkeys. At least not now. I'm comfortable with staying behind.

-Downtempo records should be put to good use for April showers.

-Heroes' back. And I haven't found time to watch it yet. Don't spoil it for me. Though it's a little suspicious Peter-what's-his-real-name had the time to do a cameo for the new Fergie video.

-American Idol. It's getting close to the finale, huh? I'm not watching anymore, but they should just get it over with and crown Melinda Doolittle already? Isn't it blatantly obvious? Though she's the most uncommercial of the bunch.

-The new White Stripes song. Stupid title, wacky stuff, but I kinda like it. And when a good quality version of M.I.A. new single floats around, it should become my new summer jam. Well, after 'Umbrella'.

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