Monday, April 30, 2007

Sia - Lady Croissant

Most of you probably knows her for 'Breathe Me', a musically heartbreaking song used in the series finale of 'Six Feet Under'. Some know her as the vocalist for Zero 7. Well, now I can confirm that she's also a powerhouse live.

Not that I ever had the luck to attend one of her shows, but that's exactly how I feel after listening to her new live LP entitled Lady Croissant.

The album consists of live recording tracks from a show she did Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Two are her collabs with Zero 7, and the rest is from her own solo work. Seriously, her voice just blew me away. She can sound so small and fragile like a curled up little kitten in a basket, but when the climactic moment arrives, she lets out her claws and belts out those high notes ever so effortlessly. It's interesting to see how the tracks were translated to the live arrangements. I wish she had chosen more Zero 7 songs for the setlist, though, as songs from 'Colour The Small One' are not all that strong, but she can sing whatever she wants and still make it sound emotional and beautiful.
Here's her flawless live rendition of 'Destiny'.

Sia - Destiny (Live)

Also included on the album is a brand new song 'Pictures', which is lovely and comes close to 'Breathe Me' in terms of tune quality. The second-best Sia song, apparently.

Sia - Pictures

She's currently working on a new album, and recently, she shared a newly-mastered, unreleased track called 'Little Black Sandals' to PopJustice. It's one for the summer, I say.

Sia - Little Black Sandals

Be sure to purchase the album here if you like what you hear.

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