Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sights & Sounds - Where Everyone's Having Fun

If you've been wondering about the recent lack of updates, well, apparently, I'm going through a difficult, yet pivotal phase of my life, with my head buried deep in a million things that need to be done. As much as I'd like to sit down, 'set fire' to the keyboard and introduce you to some great new music, I just can't afford that luxury for now. I'm weeks behind my favorite tv shows, new releases and such. I know there's no use complaining, but I just got to get myself together and stay focused. So, to those who send me music for consideration, please be patient. And to my readers, I try to make at least one post per week. Now, let's get on to some relatively new music videos, where everybody's having so much fun. They're great to watch because of that, because real world can never be that fun.


FEIST - 1 2 3 4

Oh, Leslie Feist. The world would be a much happier place if strangers break down into song and dance in unison like what happened in your two new videos. For 'My Moon My Man', you joyfully dance in a walkway at the airport. It's a result of many takes, many late nights spent, and it all paid off. For '1 2 3 4, you're dressed in a sequined blue suit, swirling around exuberantly with amateur dancers in American-Apparel-like outfits for a one-take shoot. You were really having genuine fun, weren't you? Thanks for putting a big bright smile to our faces. Also, thanks to Patrick Daughters for keeping getting better at what you do.
Apparently, I haven't heard the album yet because I chose to. I tend to step back whenever an album's way overhyped (i.e. still not listen to Arcade Fire and Bloc Party's latest), for fear that it might not live up to the high expectations. I even avoid reading early reviews, as I prefer eagerly waiting for the street release date and have a listen all at once. Her first two singles are brilliant, though.
With all the current media buzz, I'm a little afraid that Feist might step into the mainstream consciousness this time (though I know she's already huge in Canada), and I'm just not ready for that yet. In my opinion, Feist's presence to the indie world is now like Beyoncé's to the mainstream world, so I just hope I won't get too much of the Feistiness.

MP3: Feist - 1 2 3 4

Download 'My Moon My Man' video (MOV)
Download 'My Moon My Man' video (MOV) or (MPEG)

Or download mp4s of both at All Things Feist.


In keeping with things Canadian, here's the new vid for The Golden Dogs' song 'Construction Worker'. Yes, it's a catchy indie power-pop song about a construction worker. And the video turned out great in spite of the presumably low budget. Stop-motion scenes of felt tip coloring that morphs into the band themselves. Great performance, with nicely lit, nicely designed set. And the lady in polka dot dress just looks lovely. This proves that an indie band doesn't always need a crazy conceptual video to go with their song. So far, this is the only song I've heard from them but I'm quite sure there's more where that comes from. Give it a try.

MP3: The Golden Dogs - Construction Worker
Download 'Construction Worker' video (MOV)


About the vid, it's The Shins stealing balloons in orange jumpsuits. Which is fun. But I'd like to talk more about the song. It has to be one of the best singles of 2007, and it's been on high rotation in my iPod already. James Mercer just excels at writing these complex tunes with unexpected twists in the melodies that take time to get used to, but when you do, it's glued to your head. This one would be a great example. He's also quite a wordsmith with lots of metaphors and references in the lyrics that you can't hardly get all of at one listen. Not to mention that he must possess one of the best male vocals in the indie world these days, his voice just has this warm, resonant, distinctive tone. I think I'm slowly becoming a big time fan. Since their new album already spawns two great singles in a row, I'm willing to give the album another chance (or many chances) and allow it to grow on me.
Oh and that part where he sings 'But nothing happend every time I tried', that really pinched my heart. Undoubtedly a must-hear.

MP3: The Shins - Australia
Download 'Australia' video (MOV)

In other news:
-A spin-off blog concentrating on downtempo/electronic/chill-out genre will definitely happen, though it won't see the light til July. I already have enough materials for a year's worth of posts. So in the meantime, keep checking the Bamboo Lounge mixes here.
-It's too early to say anything now, but let's just say that there might be our first ever contest and interview, and I'm quite excited about it. Details coming soon.
-By the way, I regularly update the sidebar so if there's a favorite song/albums I recently listened to but have yet made a post about, you can see them there.

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