Saturday, April 07, 2007

We Are The Earth Intruders...

Bjork. She's one strange woman, isn't she?
Always breaking boundaries. Always doing the unthinkable. Always putting so much ideas and efforts into her music & visual crafting. And yet always getting praised for.
Honestly, I most of the time don't feel connected to her music, though I do have respect for her works. The last Bjork song I remember having enjoyed is Who Is It? (which has a fantastic, iconic video with her in a dress made of million silver bells, walking in the desert).
However, this time around, she seems to be in for some real fun. Just look at that cover for her upcoming album 'Volta' above. How mindblowing.
Would you be suprised if I told you Timbaland co-produced the lead single, 'Earth Intruders'? That explained the more instant accessibility of the track. With the tribal, marching beats, haunting synths, thought-provoking lyrics and Bjork's usual howls on top, 'Earth Intruders' should keep her longtime fans happy while hinting commercial potential. The urban crew gives it props just because of Timbaland. And the pop enthusiasts have jumped on board quite early, too. If anything, this single will win her many new fans while not alienating the cult followers.

Bjork - Earth Intruders (Radio Edit)

So far, she's taking all the right steps to a major comeback, in contrast to that of Tori Amos, though (whose new album is so overstuffed with concepts that it turns out tacky, camp, and gimmicky, distracting people's attention from the music itself).

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