Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Graduation is one week away...

...And I just got my yearbook. I looked a bit shit in it, but anyway, this has inspired me to do a graduation mix as a way of saying goodbye to a chapter of my life.
But I can't do it alone. That's why I call out for you guys (yes, I mean YOU!), the readers, to help me with song suggestions. You can either drop a comment or send me an email to suggest songs that you think would fit in this theme. Songs about high school graduation or songs with lyrics that are suitable for this occasion. Songs reminding you of your own graduation. Songs to slow dance to at prom night. Songs used in the prom episodes of various tv shows. You might even want to share your stories, too. Send your thoughts along by this Saturday and I will read them all. I'd really appreciate it if you could help, though knowing the amount of traffic here, I'll probably receive 3 emails (with one of which I send to myself).

P.S. If you can tell me where that pic came from, then you'll win a big free hug from me. In spirit.

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