Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kaiser Chiefs Covers Klaxons' Golden Skans

Okay, sorry for the lack of updates in the last couple of days. I'm back for a few posts this weekend, then I'll be taking a break for possibly a month. Might pop in every now and then if something new needs to be posted that badly. However, this summer's gonna be all hard work as I will try to improve my posting pace and let you in on all of my favorite acts/songs of the year so far...So yeah, there will be lots of catching up to do...

Also, thanks to all those who commented on my previous post. It's a quite easy one, isn't it? Whether you want it or not, here's a big virtual hug to all Buffyverse fans! [Note to self: watch season 3 again this weekend.] Thanks for all of your suggestions, some of them I haven't heard before and will do!

Onto another thing, I've been having problems with filehosting, again. FileDen just cut their monthly bandwidth down from 20 to 5GB, and it's already eaten up, new host FileGiant closed down abruptly, UploadingIt deleted all my files...These kinds of hosts always start off so promisingly, offering so much free bandwidth, but eventually, they can't handle it and ask for more money. This sucks, so bear with me until I can find a new filehost and settle down.

Enough with the complaining. Let's get on to the musique.

Kaiser Chiefs with their take on Klaxons' biggest hit to date 'Golden Skans' for Live Lounge. And I think they did a good job! They didn't even try to change anything of the song (though I did hear a xylophone playing there), overall they just had a good time covering it, and the cover turned out decently enjoyable, too. Plus now those ooh-oohs climb their way into my head again.
I like both the two singles (Ruby & Everything Is Average Nowadays) from the new album so far, but everybody's saying 'Yours Truly, Angry Mob' was a downgrade, so I'm not sure if I should pick up the whole deal or not. Maybe I just keep my eyes on the upcoming singles and see. Enjoy it!

Kaiser Chiefs - Golden Skans (Klaxons Cover)

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