Thursday, May 10, 2007

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Thursday...

So far, 2007 has been a quite mundane year for music. Here I am in mid-May and only a handful of releases really deserved my attention. Some didn't live up to the hype, some is alright and some just plain sucked. Hopefully, labels have been saving their best scheduled for summer release. As it's been raining outside and I'm having some time to kill, let's give some thoughts on records that might or might not be out this year, or might never happen, but these are what I'm truly looking forward to.

Now that we all know how Fountains Of Wayne's new album totally tanked, Adam should just give up and give Dominique a ring already! It's not like she's busy with any side projects, is she? Ivy needs to get back into the studio and record a follow-up to 'In The Clear', ASAP. Because no one does it like them. The old albums have been overplayed pretty much, and I desperatly need new materials to tide me over.

Ivy - Edge Of The Ocean (Duotone Mix) (from Roswell Original TV Soundtrack)
This rare mix just made me love the song even more. It's perfect to listen to while driving as the sky clears up after the rain has gone. Really, it's flawless.

Beth Orton:
Her last album 'Comfort Of Strangers' was supposed to be a return to form and won her indie cred back. It had its moments, but overall I wasn't into the whole lo-fi folk thing. Even the best song on the album is an upbeat one (Shopping Trolley). It seems unlikely she will do another electronica album since she stated in an interview that 'dance music is cheesy' (well, it's not when done right, dear). She needs to collaborate with William Orbit again, even if just for a compilation-only track. She needs to make songs like 'Concrete Sky' and 'Dice' again. Because that is where she belongs.

Beth Orton - Anywhere (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix) (from The Other Side of Daybreak)
My favorite track of hers. I prefer this remix to the original jazzy one. Another made-for-the-road song.

I've been waiting patiently for a new album to come out this year, and I hope she's been working hard! I think Jem got a false start, paying homage to Kylie's 'Breathe' video in her vid for 'Them'. Clearly, she's not cut out to be a pop star. She appeals more to The-OC kind of audience. She's just too chameleony to be marketable. Her debut is a pleasant surprise, a fusion of classical, hip-hop, trip-hop and acoustipop. She can do the sweet acoustic ballads (as in 'Flying High'), the sample-savvy upbeat ones ('They'), or laidback, relaxing tunes (like 'Finally Woken', 'I Wish'). This Welsh lady's got real talent, so here's hoping she can avoid the sophomore slump.

Jem - Once In Every Lifetime (from Eragon OST)
Her most recent work, which is a soundtrack to that movie nobody saw Eragon. Basically, here she does what Celine did for Titanic (shudders), what Enya did for Lord Of The Rings (double shudders!), albeit with dignity. I like this song much more than the Avril one 'Keep Holding On'.

And to end the post, a trip back to memory lane. I remembered watching this video way back then, and 8 years later the effects still look madly cool. Remember when music videos mean flashy, futuristically stylized sets, exotic locations and fish-eye lens? Good times. I'd like to refer to this as Texas' Chinatown song.

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