Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Comeback: Garbage

Garbage videos used to freak me out as a child. That's an embarassing fact.
Their new single 'Tell Me Where It Hurts', however, is the best thing they've done in a while. That is, indeed, an amazing fact.

'Tell Me Where It Hurts' might be the biggest-sounding Garbage song ever. It sounds like it could have come right after the release of the 007 single 'The World Is Not Enough'. I love the use of the orchestra full blown after the refrain. Shirley's vocals still give the chills, and for a woman her age, she still looks immaculately beautiful. You can witness that in the music video, Sophie Muller's best in a while compared to her other recent by-the-numbers works.

'Tell Me Where It Hurts' is the lead single for their greatest hits compilation 'Absolute Garbage', due out in July. The bonus remix disc seems to be a collector's item, with reinterpretations by Massive Attack, UNKLE, Crystal Method, The Neptunes, to name a few. Shirley Manson herself has been in the studio working with the likes of Jack White, Billy Corgan, and Greg Kurstin for her solo album, which is already a must-hear on my anticipation list. You can listen to the song below.

Garbage - Tell Me Where It Hurts

Extras: a haunting Velvet Underground cover 'Candy Says' (b-side) and a Chilled Out Remix of The World Is Not Enough.

Garbage - Candy Says (The Velvet Underground Cover)
Garbage - The World Is Not Enough (Chilled Out Remix)

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