Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Comeback: Rooney & The Coral

Two favorite bands from the past made the unexpected return...

I thought that Rooney had vanished along with The O.C. I had no idea a sophomore album was in the making. Of course, like most people, I wouldn't have known them if not for their guest performance on the show, and up to now, pretty much every time I want to hear Rooney, I will turn on 'I'm Shakin'' first. That song never gets old.
So when I heard about the comeback single, I was quite excited, but a bit worried wondering if they still have it.
Good thing they do. 'When Did Your Heart Go Missing' is a great piece of pop rock. It's catchy as hell, it sounds right for summertime and it's everything I can expect and come to love from Rooney. It's the kind of song that if you don't grab it somehow at first listen, you never will. Now I'm looking forward to the new album 'Calling The World', out July. Can use some more of this stuff around here.

Rooney - When Did Your Heart Go Missing?

Rooney's MySpace


I used to really like The Coral. At the time 'In The Morning' came out, it was different to most of the stuff I was listening to, yet I loved it wholeheartedly. That little sprinkly intro...couldn't get it out of my head. The follow-up single 'Something Inside Of Me' was great, too, and I liked their animated videos with the effects that made it look like each frame was a watercolor painting. I dug deeper into their back catalogue, and found even more good songs. And then they just disappeared.
Well, no more. New album 'Roots And Echoes' are scheduled to hit stores this August and the lead single is 'Who's Gonna Find Me'. About the single, I'm still undecided. Yes, it's pretty good, but not quite as memorable as their old ones. Maybe some more spins are what I need. I hope this time they will have decent cover art, though.

The Coral - Who's Gonna Find Me

The Coral's MySpace

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