Saturday, June 09, 2007

Debbie, Lily, Amy, Muty.

I just felt intrigued by the idea of Debbie Harry, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse and Mutya Buena being under the same roof, in the same room, having a tea party. But since that probably won't happen any day soon, I'll make it do in the form of a blog post.

You know, at the end of May, Blondie made an appearance on The Today Show singing 'Heart of Glass' with none other than Lily Allen (who's been covering the song in her gigs). It took a while for the video to appear on YouTube, and I just found an mp3 the other day. So here it is, the historic moment, when Lily and Debbie sharing the same stage.

Lily's done it better before. But it's a morning show, and she looked like she was having great fun. Anyway, Lily just provided her vocals for a new Dizzee Rascal track called Wanna Be (somebody send me that one, please), and also a Jamie T b-side. Her new clothing line for New Look has been selling well, too. So all good things. All we need is a new MySpace catfight.

Blondie & lily Allen - Heart Of Glass (Live on the Today Show)

Moving on to Mutya. I've heard her album 'Real Girl', and can only remember 4 songs from such a wasted opportunity. It's all so bland and unremarkable. I was expecting something more like the Groove Armada collab but apparently that is the only song that sounds like something Sugababes would do. I want real stomping anthems, not awful ballads. The obvious highlight that is the collaboration with Amy Winehouse turned out to be another case of could-have-been-better. With a Mark-Ronson-on-cheap production and a chorus borrowed from The Ronettes' 'Be My Baby', the song's pretty likeable and listenable, enough to be single material, but not amazing as it should be considered it's coming from these two body-art-and-piercing-loving ladies. Amy's vocals were totally underused, and the title, 'B Boy Baby', is a bit ridiculous. So Siobhan - Mutya: 1-0.
But the Groove Armada track was really really good, though.

Mutya Buena feat. Amy Winehouse - B Boy Baby

Mutya's MySpace

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