Saturday, July 28, 2007

Megapost: Music From The Simpsons

Okay, I assume that most people have seen the movie by now (I still haven't, so no spoilers, please). That's me and timing, this post was supposed to be available online last Friday, but life got in the way...(insert more lame excuses for being a lazy blogger). So for those who have seen it and felt disappointed, there's music from the tv show back then, and for those who haven't, there's some from the movie soundtrack, too.

I've always been a huge fan of The Simpsons. I'm as old as the show itself, and yes I'm one of those few hardcore fans who still watch it to this day, no matter how everybody's saying it's gone to the dogs and all. I still find the new episodes funny, maybe not at the level of the early years, but enough to keep me tuning in each week. I'm so excited about this movie that even if I could only see one in theaters this year, this would be it. I don't care if it won't live up to my expectations (looks like it didn't for critics, though it's already on the top of the US box office). I'm just gonna be there and get this tick for my 'things to do this lifetime' list. That's what it is.

Let's get on to the music for late celebration, shall we?

First, here are the Danny-Elfman-penned Simpsons fans, reinterpreted by Green Day, Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth.

Green Day - The Simpsons Theme
Yo La Tengo - The Simpsons Theme
Sonic Youth - The Simpsons Theme

And who can forget the Itchy & Scratchy theme?

The Itchy & Scratchy Theme

Those familiar with the show all know that every now and then, the end credits will be backed by the theme being 'remixed' to be in conjunction with that episode's plot. Here are some of my favorites:

The Simpsons Theme - End Credits (Addams Family Style)
The Simpsons Theme - End Credits (Treehouse Of Horror)
The Simpsons Theme - End Credits (Afro Cuban)
The Simpsons Theme - End Credits (Hill Street Blues)
The Simpsons Theme - End Credits (Big Band Vegas)
The Simpsons Theme - End Credits (Jazz Quartet)
The Simpsons Theme - End Credits (Phillip Glass)

The Simpsons won't be The Simpsons without the numbers. Enough said. These bring back so many memories:

The Simpsons - Planet Of The Apes (Troy McClur!)
The Simpsons - Yvan Eth Nioj (When, um, N*Sync guest starred and Bart joined a boyband. Try to read the title backwards!)
The Simpsons - We Do! (The Stonecutters Song) (That secret society Homer was in once...)
The Simpsons - Baby On Board (When Homer, Barney, Apu & Skinner pulled a Beatles and made a comeback performance on the rooftop of Moe's. Ragtime!)
The Simpsons - Minimum Wage
The Simpsons - Happy Just The Way We Are
(two songs from the Mary Poppins musical episode! Love that one!)
The Simpsons - Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart (when Apu was fired from the Kwik-E-Mart and stayed at Homer's house. By the way, those 7 Eleven turned into Kwik-E-Mart stores: Excellent! That's excellent hypemaking right there.)
The Simpsons - I Want Candy (Yes, a cover of that song, from the spin-off episode)
The Simpsons - Don't Cry For Me, Kids Of Springfield (Lisa's Evita parody, in this episode she revealed her email address:! I wonder if someone actually owns it. Also, if I remember correctly, Homer's is!)

The Simpsons Movie: The Soundtrack

My copy is the normal one, but the limited edition is one hell of a sweet deal. I wish I could have one of those delicious inedible pinky donuts! Check out the picture below:

Hans Zimmer is the composer and after listening to it(and normally, I'd never listen to scores, okay, maybe sometimes), I actually found myself enjoying it. Props to him for pulling it off. It's all orchestral and cinematic, but he was able to capture the oddball sense of humor in the music itself. I didn't skip a track. The titles alone are worth a chuckle or two, and there's even a remix tacked at the end of the soundtrack. Here, I include three very short tracks, all of which clocks in only over a minute but they're so much fun to listen to. Or maybe it's just me, no?
If you don't have the time, just get the 'Spider Pig' one. It's hysterical. 'Spider pig, spider pig, do whatever a spider pig does...'

Hans Zimmer - The Simpsons Theme (Orchestral Version)
Hans Zimmer - Spider Pig
Hans Zimmer - Bart's Doodle

Buy the soundtrack here (if you're a big fan like me)
And but the Limited Edition one (if you're a bigger, and richer fan than me)

Any great Simpsons numbers that I'm missing here? How did you feel about the film? Drop a comment and tell me about it!

Remixed: Mika & Tilly And The Wall

Some ace remixes to start the weekend...

Tilly And The Wall is a band from Nebraska that makes bouncy, full-of-energy twee pop. They use tap dancing as percussion. There should be more bands that use tap dancing as percussion.
Hot Chip and CSS are two of the most demanded remixers in the indie scene as of late. What they have in common is that both have remixed Tilly And The Wall. And both did a very good job.
Hot Chip turned 'Sing Songs Along' into a raving electropop anthem.
CSS provided strong beats and cool vocoders for 'The Freest Man'.

Hear both. And then if you have the time, look for the originals as well.

Tilly And The Wall - Sing Songs Along (Hot Chip Remix)
Tilly And The Wall - The Freest Man (CSS Remix)

It doesn't seem right to see Mika and originality in the same sentence, does it? But for me, there's no denial that he does know how to make fun, infectious, unabashedly 'colorful' pop. Anyhow, his label's getting good at finding talents to remix his singles. Brazillian outfit Bonde Do Role just added their own baile funk flavor to 'Big Girl', and it turned out totally awesome, indeed. Previously, Patrick Wolf also remixed 'Love Today', and though I find his version a bit by-the-numbers, I think it's still worth a listen, especially if you're a fan of his and into blips and bleeps.

Mika - Big Girl (Bonde Do Role Remix)
Mika - Love Today (Patrick Wolf Remix)

Tilly And The Wall's MYSPACE

Coming up this weekend: A post on The Simpsons and finally, that Graduation Mix that has yet been put up...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cloetta Paris

What we see here is not a scan of a grainy, vintage photo from someone's grandma's album. She's Cloetta Paris, the italo disco princess from Stockholm, Sweden.

There's little known about Cloetta Paris for now. The only source of information is her MySpace and she doesn't talk much there. We don't know if Cloetta Paris is actually her real name (in which case, it'd be pretty cool), whether Cloetta Paris is just her or many people, whether she's unsigned or with a label. Well, it's only a matter of time.
Last year, I was quite infatuated with Sally Shapiro, and the resurrection of a short-lived genre long gone that I knew nothing about, italo disco. And now, Cloetta continues to bring the past into the presence.
'I Miss You Someone' is what I'd expect from her, cheery disco beats against melancholic, lonesome girly voice singing sad sad lyrics. I'm not sure if this is just a demo or not, but for an all-new act like her, it sounds exceptionally good and melodic. When listening to the song, my mind painted a picture of this girl who sits in the backseat of a black cab, looking outside, where the city's basked in night lights, and quietly lets out a little sigh (this will work for the music video!). The chorus goes like this: "Take me back home, to Paris and Rome. I miss you someone...". It's just so good that I couldn't get enough of it. 'I Miss You Someone' is one of the best songs of 2007. Period. I highly recommend it to those who loves pop, synth-pops, italo disco, or just plain beautiful music. If you happen to love it (which you should), then check out the rest, they may not be as good as 'I Miss You Someone', but enough to hold your attention until there's more to be announced.

Cloetta Paris - I Miss You Someone (highly rec'd)

Cloetta Paris - Broken Heart Tango
Cloetta Paris - St. Elmo's Fire (Cover)
Cloetta Paris - Save Your Love

Visit Cloetta Paris's MySpace
And if you like Cloetta, you really should also listen to Sally Shapiro.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New video: Sia - Buttons

Hear ye hear ye! The lady croissant Sia has a new video out for her new song 'Buttons' (thankfully, not a Pussycat Dolls cover). And it's brilliant! It appears that I managed to be the first one to upload it on to YouTube (must add that to my resume). I won't tell what it's about because you just have to watch and find it out yourself (the screencap kinda gave it away, though).
There's a scene in which it looks like she was wearing a giant condom over her head (ewww...)

Anyhow, AMAZING song! So far, I've heard 4 songs from the new album, 'Some People Have Real Problems', and they're all very good. Now that's something to be really eagerly-anticipated for this fall.

Debbie Harry - Two Times Blue

After decades being with Blondie, it's about time Debbie Harry embarked on her solo career. Her new album, entitled "Necessary Evil", is slated for a January 2008 release. Among the 17 tracks, "Two Times Blue" was chosen to be the lead single, and more importantly, a free single (as she's on an indie label now). It's been made available as a teaser of what's coming, and after a few listens, I can say I quite like it.
It's definitely a more pop-oriented song, with a big, shiny chorus, and it's accesible enough to draw you in at the first listen. Even though it sounds a bit outdated and certainly won't be on anyone's list for best songs they heard this year, it's just a good, fun song, and it already made me quite excited for her new materials.

Download the song here:
Debbie Harry - Two Times Blue

Have a look at the album cover:

And drop by her MySpace.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

And it hurts with every heartbeat...

Apparently, it took me about six months to be fully absorbed in the brilliance of this song. Around the time of my first listen, I did not know much about Robyn and 'Konichiwa Bitches' was my only favorite song from her then. To be honest, I was a bit unpatient with the song, quickly deemed it as 'overrated' and moved on. A few months later, as I was strolling down my iTunes library looking for forgotten tracks, this came up. This time, I finally felt the connection, from the lyrics, her vulnerable vocals to the synths swimming under. I guess it's just one of those songs that require you to be in a particular mood to fully enjoy it.
Well, maybe I'm not the only one arriving late to the party. To be released as Robyn's second UK single off her self-titled album, the song lately has been picking up airplay since it was 'Record of the Week' on BBC's Radio 1. And judging by the number of mostly positive comments for the video on YouTube, I think she's just one commercial deal away from a belated, glorified mainstream comeback. I assume most of you have played the original version to death already, so I will just give you three quite awesome remixes. My favorite one out of the bunch is the Tong & Spoon one, which is perfect for summertime, but the other two is just as good.

Kleerup & Robyn - With Every Heartbeat (Tong & Spoon Wonderland Remix)
Kleerup & Robyn - With Every Heartbeat (Meat Boys Remix)
Kleerup & Robyn - With Every Heartbeat (Rory Phillips Remix)

And here's the video for the song, for those who wants to listen to the original version:

Still one thing that makes wonder though, it's clear that this is a collaboration of Robyn and producer Andreas Kleerup, but I'm not sure how it should be called, 'Kleerup feat. Robyn', 'Robyn with Kleerup', or 'Kleerup & Robyn'?

Kleerup's MySpace
Robyn's MySpace

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chungking - Slow It Down

Chungking, whose name made me immediately me think of them as some obese, sleazy Chinese rapper, is in fact, not some obese, sleazy Chinese rapper. Evidence is in that picture above.
Chungking, however, is a Brighton-based duo, which consists of Jessie Banks & Sean Hennessey. They make quite delicious electropop.
My first impression upon hearing the slick, Richard X-produced track 'Slow It Down' is its Goldfrapp-meets-Kylie-esqueness (badly worded, but works).
As implied by the title, it's not so much a nauseously pulsating track. It just works its way slowly, in a snake-charming kind of way. Jessie's vocals are both seductive and suggestive enough to fill the song with sensuality. I can see this being played on a dancefloor, and suddenly people in animal masks, all sweaty, start doing naughty things to each other. It's like halfway between gutter and the stars. Amazing piece of sexy electropop done right!

Chungking - Slow It Down

Chungking is signed to Institute Recordings, and their new album 'Stay Up Forever', which will include this track, is set for an August 13 release date in the UK. Apparently, Richard X worked with them on another track called 'Itch Scratch' but I haven't heard that one yet. Hopefully, the album will sell well enough, so Jessie can hire a new, better airbrusher for their press pics.

Go visit their MySpace for more tunes

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sneaky Sound System - UFO

I was flipping through channels and somehow my fingers stopped at MTV. The Australian Video Music Awards was on. I knew it was on, but chose not to be bothered for the fact that Fergie and the Madden brothers hosted the show, followed by performances from Good Charlotte and, um, Avenged Sevenfold. However, what I was seeing was neither of those crappy bands. On the screen was an afro-haired, fierce-looking woman in a black dress belting out tunes while dancers were rollerskating around the stage. "Must be an Aussie act", I assumed. The song caught my attention, and I swore I had heard it before.
Later, thanks to the miracle that is 'the internet', I managed to find out who they were. The band in question is Sneaky Sound System, and the song is UFO, which I indeed had heard before on a podcast. So amazing was 'UFO' that I kept pushing the repeat button. I searched for some more of their singles, and the more I listened, the more I dug them. Sneaky Sound System makes this kind of storming, catchy, 'outer-spacey' electropop that I just happen to love these days. I highly recommend their stuff if you have a thing for danceable electropop, and if you like what you hear, also check out the quite good Van She Tech remix.

Fave bit: At the 0:48 minute mark, when she pronounced 'beating' as 'bea-yee-yee-yee-ting'.

Sneaky Sound System - UFO
Sneaky Sound System - UFO (Van She Tech Remix)

Buy their cd.
Visit their MySpace.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Amy Winehouse's Rarities - Pt. 2

Before you get to the rest of Amy's rarities, maybe you might have noticed that I've just got a new poll up on the sidebar, so I hope you can take a little of your time and vote, since it only takes approximately ten seconds (well, at least for those with high-speed interet connection anyway).
Secondly, I've been uploading music videos on the blog's own YouTube page for a while now, and I try my best to only upload what hadn't been made available yet, or should have gotten more recognition. And if it's not good, I won't waste my time uploading it. So far, a number of rare videos from Feist, The Cardigans, Roisin Murphy, Morcheeba, Zero 7...and more has been put into circulation. Hope you'll give it a quick look and enjoy the materials.

Okay, shameless self-promotion finished. If you're already a fan, then chances are you don't want to miss these. Enjoy.

Two nice remixes:
Back To Black (The Rumble Strips Remix)
You Know I'm No Good (Skeewiff Remix)

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (from the Bridget Jones's Diary 2: The Edge Of Reason soundtrack)

Monkey Man (The Specials Cover) (b-side to 'You Know I'm No Good')

Rehab (Jay Z Remix) (Jay Zzz callously added a rap verse)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm back! With Amy Winehouse's rarities!

As I promise, it's mid-July and I'm back after almost a month on hiatus!
Summer has officially started for me, which means I've got so much free time on my hands now I will definitely spend the most out of them blogging! I've been tampering with the sidebar, updating the blogroll, tags, and even made a quite nice-looking background. There's much to be done to get the readers back to the blog.
To kick things up, it's only appropriate that I decided to post some nice Amy Winehouse rarities. She's phenomenally ubiquituous now, isn't she? Note: Since there's quite a lot of it, I split them into 2 posts. Expect part deux coming next week.
Okay, I'll step aside and let you do the clicking.

Hey Little Rich Girl (The Specials Cover)(b-side)
Tears Dry On Their Own (Al Usher Remix)(By the way, the video is totally a waste of talents.)
Tears Dry On Their Own (New Young Pony Club's Fucked Remix) (Ooh, is this Amy getting 'nu rave'?)
Rehab (Hot Chip Vocal Mix)(Rosie O' Donnell creepily sang along to this version while having makeup done, search it up on YouTube)

Some more remixes and covers at part two.

Buy 'Back To Black', if you STILL haven't got it.