Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chungking - Slow It Down

Chungking, whose name made me immediately me think of them as some obese, sleazy Chinese rapper, is in fact, not some obese, sleazy Chinese rapper. Evidence is in that picture above.
Chungking, however, is a Brighton-based duo, which consists of Jessie Banks & Sean Hennessey. They make quite delicious electropop.
My first impression upon hearing the slick, Richard X-produced track 'Slow It Down' is its Goldfrapp-meets-Kylie-esqueness (badly worded, but works).
As implied by the title, it's not so much a nauseously pulsating track. It just works its way slowly, in a snake-charming kind of way. Jessie's vocals are both seductive and suggestive enough to fill the song with sensuality. I can see this being played on a dancefloor, and suddenly people in animal masks, all sweaty, start doing naughty things to each other. It's like halfway between gutter and the stars. Amazing piece of sexy electropop done right!

Chungking - Slow It Down

Chungking is signed to Institute Recordings, and their new album 'Stay Up Forever', which will include this track, is set for an August 13 release date in the UK. Apparently, Richard X worked with them on another track called 'Itch Scratch' but I haven't heard that one yet. Hopefully, the album will sell well enough, so Jessie can hire a new, better airbrusher for their press pics.

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