Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm back! With Amy Winehouse's rarities!

As I promise, it's mid-July and I'm back after almost a month on hiatus!
Summer has officially started for me, which means I've got so much free time on my hands now I will definitely spend the most out of them blogging! I've been tampering with the sidebar, updating the blogroll, tags, and even made a quite nice-looking background. There's much to be done to get the readers back to the blog.
To kick things up, it's only appropriate that I decided to post some nice Amy Winehouse rarities. She's phenomenally ubiquituous now, isn't she? Note: Since there's quite a lot of it, I split them into 2 posts. Expect part deux coming next week.
Okay, I'll step aside and let you do the clicking.

Hey Little Rich Girl (The Specials Cover)(b-side)
Tears Dry On Their Own (Al Usher Remix)(By the way, the video is totally a waste of talents.)
Tears Dry On Their Own (New Young Pony Club's Fucked Remix) (Ooh, is this Amy getting 'nu rave'?)
Rehab (Hot Chip Vocal Mix)(Rosie O' Donnell creepily sang along to this version while having makeup done, search it up on YouTube)

Some more remixes and covers at part two.

Buy 'Back To Black', if you STILL haven't got it.

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