Saturday, July 28, 2007

Remixed: Mika & Tilly And The Wall

Some ace remixes to start the weekend...

Tilly And The Wall is a band from Nebraska that makes bouncy, full-of-energy twee pop. They use tap dancing as percussion. There should be more bands that use tap dancing as percussion.
Hot Chip and CSS are two of the most demanded remixers in the indie scene as of late. What they have in common is that both have remixed Tilly And The Wall. And both did a very good job.
Hot Chip turned 'Sing Songs Along' into a raving electropop anthem.
CSS provided strong beats and cool vocoders for 'The Freest Man'.

Hear both. And then if you have the time, look for the originals as well.

Tilly And The Wall - Sing Songs Along (Hot Chip Remix)
Tilly And The Wall - The Freest Man (CSS Remix)

It doesn't seem right to see Mika and originality in the same sentence, does it? But for me, there's no denial that he does know how to make fun, infectious, unabashedly 'colorful' pop. Anyhow, his label's getting good at finding talents to remix his singles. Brazillian outfit Bonde Do Role just added their own baile funk flavor to 'Big Girl', and it turned out totally awesome, indeed. Previously, Patrick Wolf also remixed 'Love Today', and though I find his version a bit by-the-numbers, I think it's still worth a listen, especially if you're a fan of his and into blips and bleeps.

Mika - Big Girl (Bonde Do Role Remix)
Mika - Love Today (Patrick Wolf Remix)

Tilly And The Wall's MYSPACE

Coming up this weekend: A post on The Simpsons and finally, that Graduation Mix that has yet been put up...

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