Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sneaky Sound System - UFO

I was flipping through channels and somehow my fingers stopped at MTV. The Australian Video Music Awards was on. I knew it was on, but chose not to be bothered for the fact that Fergie and the Madden brothers hosted the show, followed by performances from Good Charlotte and, um, Avenged Sevenfold. However, what I was seeing was neither of those crappy bands. On the screen was an afro-haired, fierce-looking woman in a black dress belting out tunes while dancers were rollerskating around the stage. "Must be an Aussie act", I assumed. The song caught my attention, and I swore I had heard it before.
Later, thanks to the miracle that is 'the internet', I managed to find out who they were. The band in question is Sneaky Sound System, and the song is UFO, which I indeed had heard before on a podcast. So amazing was 'UFO' that I kept pushing the repeat button. I searched for some more of their singles, and the more I listened, the more I dug them. Sneaky Sound System makes this kind of storming, catchy, 'outer-spacey' electropop that I just happen to love these days. I highly recommend their stuff if you have a thing for danceable electropop, and if you like what you hear, also check out the quite good Van She Tech remix.

Fave bit: At the 0:48 minute mark, when she pronounced 'beating' as 'bea-yee-yee-yee-ting'.

Sneaky Sound System - UFO
Sneaky Sound System - UFO (Van She Tech Remix)

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