Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The 2007 Graduation Mix

Three months ago, I asked for your suggestions as I was in the middle of making a mix to mark my high school graduation.
I graduated in late May, and though I got the list jotted down, and the files uploaded already, somehow it just didn't feel right, so I decided to save it for another occasion. Well, lately, I've been watching some of my favorite Buffy episodes again, and after finishing the season 3 finale, I know I just have to post it up here and get it over with. A graduation mix in mid August, that's me and my timing.

My three years at high school was quite normal. I wasn't always on time for class, I got bad grades once or twice (okay, maybe a little more than that), I sometimes broke the rules but managed to cover them up safe and sound. I got along just fine with everyone, I didn't hang out much with the cool and popular kids and the geek club didn't welcome me either. But it was definitely fun. I took all of that for granted until it finally hit me that it was about to be over. As the last few days were approaching, I took a moment to realize that my campus looks so beautiful. Especially with the summer showers outside, and I was walking in the halls with my iPod on. Yearbooks signed. Hundreds of photos taken. I tried to put together every memory from the past 3 years that I could remember, and take one last look at them before I put them into little boxes and push them away to a corner of my mind...
Graduation day. Slept through most of the ceremony. Went to a restaurant with the whole class to celebrate. Then off to the karaoke bar, where I, once again, might have made a fool of myself (I've made sure the footage will never make it to YouTube!). All good things came to an end. As I was heading home, an unnamed feeling arose inside. I'm not getting any younger. There goes a quarter of my life. This fall, I'm gonna start anew as a college freshman. Things are bound to be anything but the same. Maybe I'm overreacting. I don't know. I just have to move on. Don't we all do...

For warming up, here are two popular songs with 'graduation' in their titles. I don't want to put them into the mix because it'd be just too obvious.

The Beach Boys- Graduation Day
Vitamic C - Graduation (Friends Forever)

The mix was originally intended as one for the prom night, so as you can see it was divided into three parts: the party starters, the alternative rock ones and the more downbeat, melancholy ones saved for the last dance. Most of them isn't directly about graduation, but for me, they do capture the overall emotion so I think all the songs fit together quite nicely. My selection tended to go a little more mainstream this time, but it only makes sense in that you can sing along to songs you already know. So listen away, get your nostalgia flowing, or just save it for your own forthcoming graduation. Either way, I might as well move on now.

Party starters, electro-flavored:
Justice vs. Simian - We Are Your Friends
Quindon Tarver - Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) ['07 Mix] (Romeo & Juliet OST)
Hot Chip - And I Was A Boy From School
The Dandy Warhols - We Used To Be Friends (love the double handclap bits to bits)
The Pipettes - School Uniform (The Pipettes' first ever single, you'll be singing along in no time, dangerously catchy)
The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You (I still watch Friends reruns every now and then)
I'm From Barcelona - We're From Barcelona (Excellent twee pop from Sweden)
Hello Saferide - My Best Friend (listen closely to the lyrics...)
Michelle Branch - Goodbye To You (Sometimes I wish Michelle would just drop out of her country duo The Wreckers and record another solo album)
Pink - Who Knew
Nerina Pallot - Learning To Breathe
Gabrielle - Ten Years Time (Extra cheese, the good kind)
Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 (classic, not too keen on their comeback, though)
Green Day - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
Jag Star - Leavin'
Jimmy Eat World - Work (watch the Marc-Webb-directed video, too)
Air - Remember (it slows down from here)
Zero 7 - Futures (featuring José Gonzalez)
Belle & Sebastian - We Rule The School
Sarah McLachlan - I Will Remember You
The Dismemberment Plan - Crush (Jennifer Paige Cover) (A haunting, emotional rework that takes the original to a way higher level, must-listen)
The Sundays - Wild Horses (Rolling Stones Cover) (this cover will forever be associated by me as the one played in episode 'The Prom' of Buffy)
The Cardigans - If There Is A Chance (in a perfect world, this song will be played for the last dance simultaneously in every prom across the globe, and there won't be a dry eye in the room. Heartbreakingly beautiful.)
Buffy Ensemble Cast - Where Do We Go From Here? (I know. This is still not the last reference to Buffy in this post, though...)

*UPDATE: Now you can download the whole mix as a zip file here.


Well, that was the most fun you can
have without having any fun.

What about the part where we kicked
demon ass? I didn't hate that.

Guys, we blew up the school! It's the
best day ever!

Why do demons even come here anymore?
Don't they know how bad we are?

I think we've done pretty much everything
we can. You guys wanna take off?

I'm for it.

(to Buffy)
You okay?

Yeah. I'm okay. I just... I could use a
little sleep.


If somebody could just wake me up
when it's time to go to college, that'd
be great.

Guys. Take a moment to deal with this.
We survived.

It was a hell of a battle.

Not that battle. High school.

We're taking a moment.

And we're done.

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