Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Jimmy Jimmy Aaja!

I've been spinning this album a lot lately.

It's far from perfect, and I don't think that's the best M.I.A. can offer, but as a whole, it's one of the few truly exciting releases that I enjoy. Some of my favorite tracks are Paper Planes, XR2, Pickle Mango Down River, and the best of them all, Jimmy - my song of the month.

"Jimmy" is a rework of "Jimmy Jimmy Aaja", which she used to dance to as a child. It's originally from a 1982 Bollywood musical movie called "Disco Dancer". She co-produced it with Switch. If M.I.A. ever needs a mainstream breakthrough, this will be it.
"Jimmy" is just a very addictive, bombastic track. The Bollywood string sample is...just larger than life, I've been trying to get it off my head but it just won't let go, even when I go to sleep. I also love the synths, and the arcade game sound effects. What I like about M.I.A. is her music can be bouncy, and the lyrics may seem silly at first glimpse, but when you take the time to fully examine it, it turns out to be quite boldly political and thought-provoking. Even a fun dance-along song like Jimmy is no exception, with the opening lines: "
When you go Rwanda Congo/ Take me on a genocide tour." But after that, it's pure Indian-outer-space-disco heaven.

The video is also amazing, too, achieving that cheap '80s look. It's an improvement after that seizure-inducing video for 'Boyz'. Lovin' it.

"Jimmy" will be released as the second UK single off "Kala", and here's hoping it gets to the position it deserves, a number one! Robyn pulled it off, why can't M.I.A.? She must be doing so well in Japan.

M.I.A. - Jimmy

The music video:

And for your interest, here's the original song from the Bollywood '80s movie Disco Dancer, along with a video clip.

Disco Dancer - Jimmy Jimmy Aaja

Pre-order "Kala".
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