Friday, August 31, 2007

KT Tunstall Covers Bloc Party

KT Tunstall sure knows how to do a cover justice. After giving us her own takes on The White Stripes, Beck, The Flaming Lips, The Jackson 5 and Missy Elliott, Bloc Party's 'The Prayer' is the next on her list. I quite like the original, but I gotta say once again she pulled it off. She did sound like having a lot of fun while not trying too hard, and it's a little more than your average Live Lounge cover.
As I know, if it all goes according to plan, her muchly-anticipated sophomore effort 'Drastic Fantastic' will be released in Sept. 3 in the UK and two weeks later in the US, on the 18th. Thanks to the endorsement of American Idol and Ugly Betty, she has now become quite a household name 'across the pond', so she's got a lot to prove this time around. Everything from the album title, to the cover with the shiny electric guitar (sorry KT, but Feist has donned that white dress better), and the tongue-in-cheek video, seems to all lead us to believe that she's way rock n' roll now. Of course, 'Black Horse And The Cherry Tree' and 'Suddenly I See' were huge hits in America, but I do love her quieter moments, in fact 'The Other Side Of The World' and 'Under The Weather' were some of my fave tracks to listen to in rainy weather. I hope there's space left for those introspective, mellow numbers, because I felt really underwhelmed by the lead single, 'Hold On'. It's a mixture of good elements of her at her upbeat side, but somehow it never gets melodic or infectious enough to hold your attention.

Anyway, I will find out how it turns out soon enough, and I'll report back when the time comes. Here you go, the Bloc Party cover:

KT Tunstall - The Prayer (Bloc Party)

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