Friday, August 31, 2007

She Keeps Italo Disco Alive

Sally Shapiro's now signed to a US label. Which means 'Disco Romance' will make it way from Sweden to America this October, with 3 exclusive brand new tracks. It's almost been one year since I got hooked on her music, and it's good to see her still going strong. One of the new tracks, 'He Keeps Me Alive' (a cover), has been gathering hype on quite a few major music blogs. It is Sally at her best, singing melancholy melodies over uptempo retro beats. I just love her voice, weary, sad, but so sincere and convincing. A keeper, definitely.

Sally Shapiro - He Keeps Me Alive

Talking of covers, here's an old track available on the Swedish version that's worth your time if she's new to you.

Sally Shapiro - Anorak Christmas

Sally also lent her vocals to a track by her producer Johan Agebjorn, which is his contribution a compilation called 'Milky Disco', on Lo Recordings. It's a tad different from her own stuff, but it can be described in two words: 'space disco'.

Johan Agebjorn - Spacer Woman From Mars (feat. Sally Shapiro)

Looking forward to listening to the other new tracks. Electronic fans that love Annie/Cloetta Paris/pop from Sweden in general shoule keep an eye for her.

Her MySpace

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