Friday, August 31, 2007

Sights & Sounds: The Softlightes - The Microwave Song

Kris Moyes is a director who can do magic out of a presumably low budget. His videos seem to be tailor-made for the 320x240 YouTube box (in another word, 'viral' videos), yet they're all quite strangely entertaining. After providing quirky videos for Sia and Architecture In Helsinki, he's back with LA indie pop band The Softlightes for their new single 'The Microwave Song'. The concept can be summarized in one sentence: human hands in glittery gloves making talking faces with a backdrop of rainbow-colored lights!!!

The song itself is a slice of twee, childlike, sugar sweet indie pop. I started humming along when the final chorus kicked in the first time I saw the video. No kidding. Maybe it's a sign from a higher power telling me to finally go and check out their debut album 'Say No To Being Cool. Say Yes To Being Happy'. I loved 'Heart Made Of Sound', but kinda forgot about them until this video brought them back into my orbit. Let's hope some of the rest is as good as this song.

MP3: The Softlightes - The Microwave Song

Check out their Myspace for more streaming goodness.

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