Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Covered: The Genuine Fakes Covers Beyoncé & Skye Covers Gorillaz

Okay, I am kinda in a hurry so I'll make it quick. Here are two excellent covers I've recently discovered.

The Genuine Fakes is a Stockholm-based trio that plays powerpop, according to their MySpace. They just did a cover of 'Irreplaceable' by Beyoncé, and if I can describe it effectively in just one word, that word is: jangly. Haven't checked out their own stuff, but what I just listened to is really nice. (Thanks to It's A Trap for the tips!)

The Genuine Fakes - Irreplaceable (Beyoncé Cover)

Visit The Genuine Fakes' MySpace

I posted a clip of Skye Edwards performing 'Feel Good Inc.' by Gorillaz acoustically for KCRW a while ago, but I wasn't aware that there's a new version available on her MySpace until yesterday. It sounds exactly like what one would expect from her: mellow and honeycoated, overall total ear candy. She's very lucky to possess such a pristine, enthereal voice. Morcheeba is just shit without her.

Skye - Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz Cover)

Visit Skye's MySpace

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