Friday, September 07, 2007

Farrah - Cut Out & Keep

I might listen to too much new music. Way more than I should. The process of sorting out the good from the bad can sometimes be tiresome as most of the time, what I hear doesn't sound like what they're sold. But every now and then, something rewarding comes along the way and reminds me of the reason why I'm in this in the first place. One of those cases is Farrah.
Farrah have no desire of breaking any new grounds. They waste no time trying to be experimental, instead they're very good at crafting melodic power pop that's instantly reminiscent of Fountains Of Wayne. If you were disappointed with Fountains Of Wayne's latest offering, their new album 'Cut Out & Keep' might be just the right thing.
The first time I listened to their music, I was really impressed, mostly because I haven't heard music of this kind that's this good for a very long time. Bright, sunny, contagiously catchy pop with guitars, something that hooks you right in at first listen, leaves you wanting more, and a few repeats later, you can't help but singing along. It's harmless, pleasant, and easy to love. If only I had them discovered them a few years earlier, they could have become one of my favorite bands back then. I decided to do research on them, and found out that this British band has been making fine indie pop like this since 1999, and 'Cut Out & Keep' is in fact their third album to date. I must seek out their early materials when I have a chance to. They really should receive more blog love. There's no reason why you shouldn't check out these three following songs, as they're equally great. For now, the album's only available in the UK, Spain and Japan, but if you love what you hear (trust me you would), then go support them. Really nice stuff. They hardly makes music like this anymore.

Farrah - Fear Of Flying
Farrah - No Reason Why
Farrah - Do You Ever Think Of Me

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