Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Postmarks

The Postmarks are Christopher Moll, Jon Wilkins and Tim Yehezkely, the vocalist. This Miami band's self-titled debut received innumerable raves of music bloggers everywhere in the first quarter of 2007, so I thought a post from me wasn't really necessary. But now it is autumn, and their music has returned to soundtrack my chilly rainy days lately, so yeah, another post wouldn't hurt.
The Postmarks make sophisticated, melodic dream-pop, endearing and introspective . Their songs sound timeless, like they've been doing it for years. Tim's soft, hushed vocals is the heart of the band, and even the cover sleeve, with her wistfully looking out of the window from what seems to be a coffee house, depicts the ideal occasion for the music. One of the best bands to grace the indie pop scene this year, and they're definitely here to stay.
(fun fact: they were discovered by Andy Chase of Ivy, which is another all-time favorite band of mine)
There's a line in 'Let Go' that rings so true to me these days: 'Sometimes good things happen to us disguising as bad'.
So, for those who don't read Pitchfork and Perez Hilton on a daily basis, say hi to The Postmarks.

The Postmarks - Let Go
The Postmarks - Goodbye
The Postmarks - Weather The Weather
The Postmarks - You Drift Away (The Saturday Club Remix)

Unreleased stuff:
The Postmarks - Dreamer (Astrud Gilberto Cover)
The Postmarks - My Little Heart (unreleased)


Check out their website for more mp3s of festive unreleased covers and lovely remixes!

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