Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kim Richey

So this is one of those "ooh this artist/band used to have this great song featured on Buffy/Angel I wonder what they're up to now" post.
In a key episode of Angel season 5, the one where Fred was dead and Illyria took over her body, there was a pretty song playing as the screen fades to black. That one song is 'A Place Called Home', by Kim Richey. It remained the only song of hers I ever heard, that is until I'm aware that she's back with a new studio album after 5 years on hiatus, entitled 'Chinese Boxes'.

And I'm glad that she returned. For me, 'Chinese Boxes' is a strong effort, 10 tracks and there's no single dud. She's got a great voice and a knack for writing simple, and sweet tunes about love & relationship. It's the kind of record that needs a booklet with lyrics inside, so that on a nice, cloudy day, you can put it on, sit down, have a cup of coffee and listen to every word she says. If you're into folk-pop singer/songwriter stuff, then this is well worth a listen. For a start, check out the opening track, "Jack And Jill", a song about two lovebirds' ideal day, with this opening line: 'She wore that dress like it was a Saturday, pretty as the summer rose, picked in the morning..."

Kim Richey - Jack And Jill
Kim Richey - Follow Me

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