Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I'm screwed. Yesterday I was doing my usual fun and educational 'googling-myself' and something came up. Something unexpected. I found out there was actually a French electronic band called 'Bamboo Orchestra' and their MySpace has about 30000 friends! I swear I had no idea of their existence! When I was thinking of possible names for the new blog, I decided to go with that one because I thought 'Hey, this sounds cool and 'quirky'. Sure no one has ever used it before'. Well, stupid, naive me. Why couldn't I just be cautious and check it up on either Myspace or Google first? It's not the first time this happened, either. Months after I started this blog, I accidentally discovered that there was some Latin band called Zeon, and Zeon's also some anime robot character name. But this time around, I might get into trouble.
I'm really pissed off right now. What should I do, people? Should I close the blog (the other one, not this), make a new one and start from scrap or should I just pretend that I do not know and keep blogging til the day they come knocking at my door? Seriously, I don't know what else to do. Temporarily, I'm gonna have to call off updates while I'm trying to figure out a decent solution. Ideas are appreciated.

D'OH part deux: My account on Youtube has been permanently disabled, just because I uploaded a nicer version of a Gwen's video. I checked the official version and thought that it wasn't cool of her people to tag a big white link of her website on the video, so I just decided to provide a better alternative for viewers as I happened to have a high quality one. This happened before, once for 'The Salmon Dance' video and once for a Feist live performance on Carson Daly (stupid NBC, they didn't even have it up online...). And now the man has come and brought me down once and for all, therefore making about 30 videos uploaded by me go to waste. And they're all really good ones, some of which was the only copy available on YouTube. Fuck it, I give up. Fuck those major label c**ts. I can't bother creating another account and start it all over again. I'm through with this shit. What the fuck is going on these days? I'm so tired of bullshit.

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