Saturday, November 03, 2007

And I'll follow you tonight…

The woman in that awesome cover sleeve above is Anna Ternheim. Her music had been under the radar for me, until last week, when I stumbled upon this one particular song named 'I'll Follow You Tonight'. There was something so utterly, hauntingly beautiful about it that just kept me coming back for more. Subtle, and helplessly sad. Ghostly harmonies and the intricate sounds of acoustic guitar. And the voice, so slight and evocative. A song that only should be heard after the night falls down. Based on this song only, she's like the female equivalent of Jose Gonzalez, a compliment that is. Gorgeous stalker song.

Anna Ternheim - I'll Follow You Tonight

Apparently, Anna Ternheim is already quite an established act in her native country, Sweden, as she already won three Swedish Grammy awards and owns quite a prolific catalogue. And yet she remained completely obscure to me - how was that supposed to happen? 'I'll Follow You Tonight' was on her 2004 debut, and now included on her US debut self-titled EP, a collection of her best songs, out this week thanks to Decca Records. I will definitely have to seek out for more of her stuff, but only after I've grown bored of this track. Maybe some readers here who happen to be fans of her can recommend me some key tracks?

Her Myspace
Buy the EP

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