Friday, November 02, 2007

New Music Videos: Sally Shapiro & The Postmarks

Apparently, I am now back to the music video uploading game. Well, someone has to upload the new Sally Shapiro video for 'Jackie Jackie (Spend This Winter With Me). I assume most of you have seen it already on Pitchfork. Little tweenage girl locking herself in her room and listen to Sally's LP on her headphones, while Sally herself appears on the TV screen to mimic the lyrics. It's done in such a cheap, corny, '80s Eurotrashy way, but fits the music very nicely. The North American release in out in stores now, and I highly recommend you buying it, if icy, moody italo disco is your thing. I can confirm that all the new three tracks are excellent. In fact, you could sample the new extended mix of 'I'll Be By Your Side' below, for another taste.

Disco RomanceSally Shapiro
"I'll Be By Your Side" (mp3)
from "Disco Romance"
(Paper Bag Records)
Buy at iTunes Music Store
Stream from Rhapsody

The Postmarks have also recently released a new video for 'Let Go', and after watching, I am now deeply in love with Miss Tim. How could you not love her? Sometimes that's all I need in a video, a young lady in a loose dress, frolicking around in the sun-bathed forest. Lovely video for such a lovely song. Must-watch!

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