Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Music Videos: Sia & Robyn

What a nice way to start a day, being treated to 2 new music videos from 2 artists I care for. One I've been waiting for, and one is a new version made for a regional release.

It's a shame Sia's new album 'Some People Have Real Problems' won't be in stores until next year, as it could easily make it to the top ten of my personal 2007 best albums list. It's a persistenly solid record from start to finish, one I have found myself coming back to again and again, which is a rare thing these days. 'Day Too Soon', the lead single, is now available on iTunes US & UK, and the video is just as heartfelt and lovely as the song itself. In it, we see Sia fluttering about in a park on a sunny day, watching lovebirds, smiling with her own unseen beau, and finally, warbling at the top of her lung on a giant swan boat as it floats on a beautiful lake. There are some Sia-esque quirky get-ups too. Although 'Breathe Me' is quite impossible to top, 'Day Too Soon' is a big, sincere, 'I-found-the-one!!!' love song in its own right. You can watch the video below, and grab a dancey Lifelike remix on your way out.

Video taken down by request. You can view it at Sia's official site for now. And it's gone. :-(

MP3: Sia - Day Too Soon (Lifelike Remix)

And now, the Swedish blogger's darling Robyn. 'Be Mine' will be her next UK single, to be released early next year, and like 'Handle Me', a new video has been made for 'different markets'. Sadly, this time, although I like the wintery feel of this version, the original is much better in terms of uniqueness. This is just a more watered-down, ordinary video of hers (I can understand the decision, as some might think that she's channeling Britney if they re-release the old one). Nice hair, though, as always.

Musically, it doesn't get me as much as the previous singles, but judging by the success of 'With Every Heartbeat', maybe people over there prefer heartbroken Robyn to cheeky Robyn? Should guarantee at least a top 20 spot, me thinks. I still prefer this ballad version:

MP3: Robyn - Be Mine (Ballad Version)

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