Sunday, November 18, 2007

WTF? Thai Pop?

Now this is just out of nowhere. The last thing I'd expect myself to post on this blog. I can't exactly recall how I got wind of this but I probably learnt of her existence while randomly channel surfing on a day in 2003. Though I didn't understand a word she said, the music was so catchy and it certainly doesn't hurt that she looks like a sweetie pie, too. According to the only webpage in English I can find, she's a Thai-Belgian, went to college in Australia but she only sings in Thai. In my opinion, she's like the Thai version of Shakira, minus the belly dancing and the broken English. But she really knows how to make a song stick your head - regardless of the lyrics (which of course most wouldn't understand). The following songs are from her second album, 'Stay', released back in 2003. 'Tum Pen Mai Tuk' (man, that sounds funny) is an uptempo piece of catchy vocoded pop rock and 'Stay' is a gorgeous, stripped down acoustic ballad. Be willing to give it a chance, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to like it. Most of the time, I despise Asian pop music for sounding corny and run-of-the-mill crappy, but this is a delightful exception.

Palmy - Tum Pen Mai Tuk
Palmy - Stay


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