Sunday, December 02, 2007

Do you hear what I hear?

December 1st. Hence, the countdown to Christmas has begun. For normal peoples with lives, that would mean shopping for presents, buying greeting cards, decorating the Chritmas tree and numerous seasonal activites. For music bloggers, that also mean: year-end listmaking season! Hopefully, this year I will learn to stick to my plans and get to publish at least a decent list (unlike those of last year, which still remains unfinished). There are still dozens of records that I'm sure will appear on many bloggers' lists to come, but I still haven't listened to yet. Right now, I really can't think of enough albums to make a good personal top ten. Last year was different, without thinking I could instantly name my favorites, like Lily Allen, The Pipettes, Camera Obscura, Belle & Sebastian, Regina Spektor & Zero 7. 2007 will probably go down in history as the year I listened to the most gigantic amount of music yet, so no it's not an easy for me to narrow it down to just a few. Whatsoever, I've already had the one thing I want in my wishlist. An iPod Classic 160GB to replace my overstuffed iPod 30GB! Everyone was saying 'How the hell are you ever gonna fill all that storage space?', well, I've asked myself that twice already! I'm seriously in need new Christmas albums. Last December, there were gems from Aimee Mann and Sarah McLachlan, and I didn't make it through the whole five discs of Sufjan's boxset. This year, the only highlight I can think of is those NBC EPs of KT Tunstall and Taylor Swift. So maybe this year's Christmas mix (sorry, I'll probably do just one this year) will possibly consist of mostly old songs. Are there any new Christmas albums that deserve a listen? (No Josh Groban, please)

Anyway, it's been a successful year for Greg Kurstin and Inara George, or better known to you as 'The Bird And The Bee', and they closed their year in a classy way: giving away a Christmas song for iTunes Single Of The Week. It's called 'Carol Of The Bells', and if anything, I want a full album of Christmas carols from them next year! You probaly have downloaded it there, so this is for those non-US visitors of mine. (see, I do care!). Spirit of giving etc.

The Bird And The Bee - Carol Of The Bells

Also, I came across this track when browsing my library, and it's become very appropriate.

Club 8 - Love In December

Today is World AIDS Day, so go read something and remind yourself to stay aware and alive...

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