Tuesday, December 04, 2007

From France With Love: Marc Collin presents Two For The Road

'Two For The Road' is a new project from Marc Collin, producer of Nouvelle Vague, who's responsible for all those delicious bossa nova covers of '80s new wave hits. It's a conceptual album, with the story of two characters Ann and Cooper being unveiled through lyrics and spoken words - like a soundtrack for a non-existent French arthouse romance flick. Danish singer Katrine Ottosen is Ann, and Italian-born Valente is Cooper. Musically, I guess you can call it 'electroacoustic', like their MySpace suggested. Calm, enchanting and slightly solemn, it has a certain Parisian air, and will for sure appeal to Nouvelle Vague fans, or those who'd simply like a little something fresh and nice to listen to while sipping a cup of hot coffee on winter nights. The title track's a great album opener, and also the best cut, while track 2 'Downtown' was an ideal morning tune for when you're on you way to work.
A lovely overlooked release.

Marc Collin - Two For The Road
Marc Collin - Downtown


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