Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lovely Swedish Indie Pop: Lykke Li!

Seems like I'm months late to the party, but now I can confirm that the hype is right: Lykke Li can be the next big thing coming out of Sweden (though people tend to say that a lot these days, don't they?). 'Little Bit', without a doubt, will get a sturdy spot on my best songs of 2007 list, if I ever come close to finishing one. The first few seconds of the song got me thinking: 'Oh this is gonna sound a bit like The Knife', but no it's something else that is brilliant on a different level. The bouncy percussion & Lykke's sweet, childlike, fragile voice mislead me into thinking that this is a happy song until she ends the chorus with 'if only you're a little bit, a little bit in la-la-la-love with me'. Okay, so more like happy sad. A first listen filled with delightful surprises. What's notable is that she's getting all this attention in the blogosphere, but she doesn't write wacky song titles, sing about weird stuff or make mash-ups. She just sings about love. She's just pure pop. The very good, refreshing kind of pop, with a DIY aethestic. The lovely visual companion is also an example of what you can do with a relatively low budget and a skilled video editor friend. I think Robyn's fans would automatically love her. Well, at least in my perspective, I find it hard to just fall a little bit in love with her...
She's currently recording in NY, so for now, all available is a 3-song 10" vinyl, released on her own label, LL Recordings. She indeed has a bright future ahead, so get to know her before it's too late!

Lykke Li - Little Bit (highly recommended!)
Lykke Li - Tonight (Demo)


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