Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Live Covers Etc.

I've been feeling rather uninspired lately, hence the inactivity around here. I'm just that kind of spontaneous blogger, rarely ever plan posts forward, just sit around and wait for ideas to strike me. I'm just having a lot on my mind these days and I'm afraid the time between posts may expand. I'm sure there are plenty of other entertaining, better-written, frequently-updated music blogs out there, though.
Anyways, this year I didn't plan to watch the Grammy, in fact I haven't watched any award shows at all for quite some time. Then the night before last, I suddenly remembered it was on and turned the tv on by curiosity. Next thing I saw is Fergie, properly covered, singing a ballad with John Legend, so that people can take her seriously as a vocal gymnast. And there was Beyonce, ever so subtle, trying so hard when Tina seemed so at ease. After a mere 15 minutes, I told myself to screw it and look up the performances & the results later on the internet. How nonchalant I've become. To think I used to manage to sit through the whole three hours of this! I have to say the results didn't really surprise me at all. It was the same old message: respect the legacy! embrace the veterans! old is gold! the ebstablished will be rewarded! and we don't care about the young folks! Some of the winning choice I found quite absurb. Justin for Best Dance Recording? He should not even be eligible! Johnny Cash over Feist and Justice for Best Short Form Music Video? Come on. It was a pleasant surprise to see Mark Ronson crowned as best non-classical producer, though, he deserved it (must have made Timbaland cry like a baby while on his limo injecting steroids! Kidding...). Also no objection to Amy Winehouse's Grammy approval whatsoever. One more thing, Feist's stripped-down performance was a bit out of place for me, just thought she could have gone all out for the occasion. What I learnt from this experience, though, is that when you've grown enough to develop and opt for your own opinions, there are things that no longer matter much to you as before.

Okay, I conclude my utterly unnecessary, whiny rant with a bunch of live covers, which has nothing to do with what I just address earlier. But they're all really nice, and shouldn't be missed at all.

Jem - In My Place (Coldplay Cover) [alt. link]
Will there ever be a second album? There needs to be.

Adele - Last Nite (The Strokes Cover) [alt. link]
'Chasing Pavements' had all the rights to be a UK number one.

Jack Penate - 1234 (Feist Cover) [alt. link]
Trivia: I just learnt his surname is pronounced correctly as Pen-Yah-Tay. Who've thought? Thanks, um, Daily Star.

Sia - Gimme More (Britney Cover)
[alt. link]
Sia playfully wiped off the sleazy grease and sweat from that unfortunate stripper pole.

Goldfrapp - It's Not Over Yet (Grace/Klaxons Cover - depend on how you look at it) [alt. link]
Will and Alison just did this for Live Lounge on Feb 8, which was very listenable. Plus, now I have an excuse to attach that lovely pic above.

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