Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quickie: Kimura Kaela - No Reason Why

The random shit I run into on the internet. Yesterday I was checking Cotton Mather's Wikipedia page, which noted that an ex-member is now in Farrah, one of my fave discoveries of 2007. So by instinct I clicked on Farrah's page to see what's new in their camp. Apparently, they're working on materials with a J-pop starlet I've never heard of before, Kimura Kaela. And to return the favor, she covered their song 'No Reason Why' as a track of her new album "+1". There you have it - a J-pop starlet covering a song by a band relatively unknown in their homeland. Oh how I love the Japanese! Her cover's actually pretty good and faithful to the original, in a jangly, happy-go-lucky power-pop Shonen Knife way. I thoroughly enjoyed it, though only after 30 seconds in did I realize she was actually singing (or trying to sing) English! Do cork an ear to her sunshine-filled cover, or watch the appropriately stop-motion visual companion, if you like watching a kawaii Japanese girl fooling around.

Kimura Kaela - No Reason Why (Farrah Cover)

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